Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

Not many people probably know what Grab is about a year or two ago. It started as a project study of Anthony Tan and Hooi Ling Tan at Harvard Business School in 2011. They came up with the idea because of the difficulty in getting a taxi or cab.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

Grab is a technology company that offers wide range of ride-hailing and logistics services through its app in Southeast Asia.

Now, it’s Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform used by 620 million people in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. This convenient and reliable mobile app is a huge help for commuters who not only want to reach their destination in one piece but get there comfortably. It likewise addresses the shortage of taxis and other serious transportation issues.

Grab is convenient to everyone including travelers who want to visit tourist spots in as little hassle as possible. They don’t have to worry about drivers taking advantage of them, and not being able to get there quickly. Grab is guaranteed reliable, safe, and comfortable.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

Grab’s (Bacolod) promotional car in 2015. I’ve been one of the lucky few to ride this pink kitty car — just for free!

Here in the Philippines, more people are taking advantage of a Grab Taxi or Grab Car because they’re accessible to commuters any time, any day. They have been around here in Bacolod for about two years already but since not many people know about it or at least know how to get a ride in a matter of minutes, they’re going to put up a call center to help those who either don’t have the app or don’t know how to use it.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

Grab Government Communications Manager Fuena Nicolas (left) and Grab Bacolod Manager Jocelyn Ann Yoshida

Grab Government Communications Manager Fuena Nicolas and Grab Bacolod Manager Jocelyn Ann Yoshida introduced the transport app to members of the Negros Bloggers and Bacolod media last May 25, to orient them about the company’s profile and purpose.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

The ladies of Negros Bloggers (Mea, Sunshine & Dhadha) with Sir Jimson Ponce, one of the top-rated GrabTaxi drivers in Bacolod. Suki ko toh!

I’ve used Grab Taxi and Grab Car countless times already. Since I’m a “certified suki” (been using Grab since 2015), most of the time I get promo codes and other discounts via text and email — and this really made me happy!

How Grab Works

1. Book a ride. Set your pick up and drop off point and tap Next.

2. Get a driver. Grab finds you the nearest available driver.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

3. Track your driver. Know your driver’s details, location, and estimated arrival time.

4. Share your ride. Let your family and friends track your ride, and get to your destination with no worries.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

For those who want a hassle-free ride, and a fast one at that, try Grab Taxi or Grab Car. Get Php 40 off by registering to Grab using my link — https://invite.grab.co/dhadha42166.

Going To Tourist Destinations Via Grab

Grab is celebrating its 5th year anniversary this year. In Bacolod, they have this green anniversary car which roams around the city to drumbeat the celebration. #GrabTurns5

To know more information about Grab Philippines, you may visit their website or check out their social media outlets.

  • Website: www.grab.com/ph
  • Facebook: www.faceboook.com/grabph
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/grabph
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/grab_ph


ADDRESS: Unit #2 Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Ipil-Ipil Ave., Shopping Centre, Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

CONTACT NUMBER: (034) 431.55.36


DHADHA GARCIA is a lifestyle blogger from Bacolod City, PH. A mom of one, an entrepreneur, and a shutterbug, she is happy, busy, and always on the lookout for exciting projects to work on.



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