Good Food For Every Musician

Everybody needs good and nutritious food not only to be healthy but also to feel better whenever one is depressed. Delicious food always lifts the spirit. Musicians are no different. They reward themselves by eating great food when they are not performing or probably checking out what instruments to buy at Musicians Friend. There are those who are inspired by food and somehow think that they play better after a hearty meal. Many musicians believe that it is very important to have a balanced style when it comes to eating, just like in music. There should be a balance in colors, tastes, and textures and a lot of different combinations. Furthermore, it is also essential to eat with the right people so as to have a good meal. It is not too appetizing when you do not like the person seating next to you. As we all know a lot of musicians go on tour or have many gigs that do not allow them to eat much at home. So it is nice to sometimes eat a delicious home cooked meal. 


DHADHA GARCIA is a lifestyle blogger from Bacolod City, PH. A mom of one, an entrepreneur, and a shutterbug, she is happy, busy, and always on the lookout for exciting projects to work on.



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