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How To Choose The Right Fridge For Your Restaurant

How To Choose The Right Fridge For Your Restaurant

It is essential for every top restaurant to have a fully functioning fridge to keep quality produce cold and fresh, and to keep the kitchen team fully functional and organized in their day to day tasks. As a restaurateur, you are responsible for finding the optimum fridge for your kitchen, but how do you know which fridge would be best? This article will guide your path to picking your dream appliance!

What would best fit my needs?

Before buying any appliance, it is crucial to know exactly what sort of fridge will fit your restaurant! Whilst a restaurant kitchen may need a large walk in cooler or a smaller refrigerator drawer, a bar may only need a display freezer or large wine coolers. Always keep your environment in mind during your research. If your menu is going to consist of a fine dining experience, you will require ample space to store your ingredients. However, for a restaurant that commercializes ice cream and deserts as its produce, then you will need something that will fit in the dining room itself. These are all important factors to consider when buying a fridge.


With at least 80% of restaurant food being stored in a commercial fridge, it is important to make sure that your fridge can accommodate any requirement of a fast paced restaurant environment. Make sure that you understand the difference between a commercial fridge and a normal home fridge, for mistaking a home fridge may end in a disaster for the stored produce. Be sure to pick a commercial fridge with a strong compressor to avoid heat encountering your food. For, without this, the food may be met with the threat of bacteria, as i-hospitality explains.

Space and Size

Considering that any commercial fridge will be frequently used by chefs and supplies alike, be sure to judge the size of your fridge in relation to its environment. If a fridge is too big then it may lead to overstocking or alternative cooking appliances being blocked for the chefs. On the other hand, if it is too small then it can be impossible to keep up with the demands of ingredients needed to run a successful dinner. Judge the size of your fridge on the kitchen height and width, as well as on how many clients your restaurant will daily serve. This will help you understand what appliance will be the perfect fit for your schedule and needs.

How To Choose The Right Fridge For Your Restaurant

The Cost

The cost of any commercialized fridge can range between high and low, depending on its material and door glazing, and may have several hidden costs from energy bills if not researched appropriately. The cost of your fridge should depend on your needs. For instance, when running a larger restaurant, it would appropriate to require a fridge with more space, a colder interior and stronger compression to keep everything fresh. The cost of an expensive fridge may allow you to cut down on energy expenses, but be sure that you do not waste money by buying an appliance that is bigger than you need. Make an investment in a machine that would allow you to be comfortable with your work schedule.

Warranty and Reliability

There is no use in buying a refrigerator that cannot live up to a high standard or a commercial brand title. A warranty guarantees the upkeep and maintenance of your fridge; it is a danger to browse for one without considering it. Use a warranty comparison site like Compare Extended Warranties to help make sure your fridge is protected from any breakdowns. It would also be useful to research into any reviews about your selected product. That way you can make a purchase based on a real experience of the appliance, rather than simply relying on a product description.


In a commercialized environment, sometimes it is essential to bring kitchen appliances into the dining room or bar. This can be to store any deserts, wines or liquors. Fridges and freezers can come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They can be a centrepiece for a customer to actively pick their desert or neatly hidden away beneath a bar or table for waiters to utilize. Be creative and find something to fit theme of your restaurant. Not only will this boost the aesthetic of your restaurant, but it will also be a lot of fun for any budding interior designer.

Energy and Efficiency

Keep in mind that whilst a fridge may have a low cost, its energy bills may squander the savings you have achieved. According to the South Australian Government, having a large fridge of 600 litres will consume around 1356kWh of energy; this would make its price of maintenance around £358, says Canstar Blue. Before buying, research into each fridge and use an energy calculator to compare their costs. This will help you avoid any overpriced machinery and allow you to save money.

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  1. Martha Stewart April 28, 2017

    Great article and really good tips. Apart from what you’ve mentioned, cuisine would determine the fridge one needs. It pays to look out for discounts and offers online, while thinking of the cost as a long-term investment.


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