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EveryJuan’s Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

A Closer Look to Why Negros Occidental Should be EveryJuan’s Next Food Destination

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

Negros Occidental – The Sugarbowl of the Philippines

Negros Occidental has always been known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines” because it produces more than half the nation’s sugar output. It’s the most populated province in Western Visayas and the 8th most populous province of the Philippines. Its capital, Bacolod City, is governed independently as a highly urbanized city.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

MassKara Festival in Bacolod City | Photo by: John Kimwell Laluma

Negros Occidental is also known for its various festivals, foremost being the famous MassKara Festival of Bacolod, Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota, Bailes de Luces of La Castellana and Pintaflores Festival of San Carlos.

Food Destination

Negros Occidental’s tourism industry continues to grow and this is largely accredited to its culinary scene. For people who enjoy food, Negros Occidental is the destination to go on a food trip and explore its many gastronomical wonders.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

Native food and delicacies from different parts of Negros Occidental

According to Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson, there’s a need to continually innovate on its cuisine and food products with a spin on Negrense creativity. In his speech at the Parade of Food which marked the 19th Negros Occidental Tourism Week, he said that this “should be done while preserving our heritage and heirloom recipes”.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

19th Negros Occidental Tourism Week with Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson

Lacson also said that “Food is a Negrense expression of love and hospitality. Food is more than just fuel for the body. In Negros, food is an experience”.

Food Choices

• Native Delicacies

If you like trying out new food, you’d surely love the native delicacies all over Negros. In Talisay City, they have the puto bong-bong, bibingka, and bitsu-bitsu. The Municipality of San Enrique has the kalamay hati while the City of San Carlos has the peanuts cooked in different types of pastry like peanut butter and the peanut brittle. In visiting Sagay City, visitors should try the best squid rings. While in Silay City, one should try the fresh lumpia. One of the delicacies of Cadiz City is the Buriring, a small puffer fish.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

• Fresh Oysters

Fresh oysters in Negros Occidental are quite famous and are usually served during festivals. Bocana is the home of the freshest oysters in Negros Occidental. It’s known for its “talabahan” plantation. There are bamboo stalls or restaurants found in the barangay surrounded by mangroves near the shore that tills oysters and only harvest it when diners order so you’re assured that they’re really fresh. These stalls also serve other seafood such as crabs, squid, shrimps, and fish.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

• Seafood

Fresh seafood is common throughout the province since most towns in Negros lie in the coastal area. There’s an abundance of fish, shrimps, crabs, prawns, etc. and many dishes are made out of these seafood. In Bacolod City, there’s a place for seafood lovers which the locals call the Old Pala-Pala, a dampa version of Bacolod. There are eateries or “tulahan” that will cook your freshly bought seafood from the nearby wet market.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

• Chicken Inasal

The taste of the chicken inasal in Bacolod City is different compared to other chicken inasals. From food preparation to marinating to the actual cooking, there’s a local way of doing it that makes the taste distinct and flavorful. The charcoal grilled chicken can be found all over the city from Manokan Country, Chicken House, Chicken Deli, Masskara Chicken and many more. Manokan Country is a strip of Karinderia styled restaurants situated across the parking lot of SM Bacolod.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

• Pasalubongs

Bakeries and pastry shops are found in every city and town, that’s why tourists always make sure to buy goodies and pasalubong like Napoleones, Piaya, Cassava Cakes, Puto-Pao, Bibingka, etc. A lot of these pasalubongs and “kakanins” are sold at Quan Delicacies. They have many outlets all around the city.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

How to Get to Negros Occidental

The easiest and straightforward way to reach Bacolod is through Manila’s airports. There are numerous direct flights throughout the week. Cebu Pacific ply this route regularly. Try to book tickets months before your trip to get the lowest possible price. Negros Occidental’s airport, the New Bacolod-Silay International Airport, is located in Silay City. It will take approximately 30 minutes by land travel to reach Bacolod from the airport.

EveryJuan's Food Tripping In Negros Occidental

Want to book a ticket? Click here: www.cebupacificair.com

Negros Occidental is more than just the Philippines’ top sugar producer. With a rich culture and proud history, this Visayan province has so many more to offer. From cuisines that tease the taste buds, to popular landmarks filled with history, to the warm, joyous nature of its people, Negros Occidental can charm anyone into staying without a doubt. Don’t just take my word for it but experience it for yourself.

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