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Family Holidays Under The Sun

Going on family holidays is a particularly special event in the year for everyone in the family. And some of the best moments are spent on the beach.

family beach holiday

Many families get excited when a beach holiday is being planned.

What could be better than whisking your kids off to sun-soaked shores where you get to watch them take their first paddle in the sea, decorate their sandcastles with seashells, or watch their face light up with delight while playing with inflatable balls. Family holidays are a magical and varied affair, and part of the enjoyment is deciding where you’ll go and what you’ll do when you get there.

The first consideration is, of course, the cost. And more often than not, finances dictate where you can or will go. But with so many family holiday deals available you certainly won’t feel as though your choices are limited. Many of the most popular family beach holidays in Europe are centered around the pristine beaches of Spain, the Spanish Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, the southern coast of Portugal, the Greek archipelago, as well as the likes of Bulgaria and Turkey, which are traditionally the more affordable options for most families. Other favorites of beach-loving families include Tunisia and the sun-soaked shores of Egypt.

You will find plenty of all-inclusive beach holidays here. And you will be happy to know that the hotels here typically have a very high standard. Take advantage of these resort deals because you will get to save a lot of money. “All-inclusive deals” means that all of your meals, drinks, and snacks are already paid for, so if you’re hoping to keep your spending in check while you’re on vacation, this is a handy way of doing it. Some hotels go one better by including the use of some local and on-site facilities, too, which is a great way of keeping the kids and adults entertained without shelling out more cash while on your trip.

Here in the Philippines, because we have so many islands and endless shorelines, there are just so many places to choose from and so little time (and budget) to go. The more popular ones are in Boracay and Palawan but other regions also have beautiful beaches, such as the Nataasan Beach Resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental.

So whatever you fancy for your next family getaway — take advantage of those all-inclusive deals to get more fun in the sun!

Contributed by Maria Sigrid Lo of www.sigridsays.com

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