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Feeling Completely Secured With Malayan

Providing Non-Life Insurance Products For Everyone

Feeling Completely Secured With Malayan

We all want financial security especially when the time to retire comes. However, not many people get insurance because they feel that it is just an added expense and they cannot afford it. Little do they know that insurance not only benefits the policy holder but their families as well. Insurance also provides support to society and the economy. As for non-life insurance, when calamities like typhoon, fire, and earthquake take place, whoever gets affected, whether individuals, families or businesses may be provided protection for their financial loss so that they can get back on their feet without too much difficulty.

Non-life insurance companies in the Philippines are getting more popular. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. has secured its position as a leader in the non-life insurance industry in the Philippines in terms of Gross Premiums Written (GPW) and Assets for Year 2018. This is according to figures released by the Insurance Commission (IC). Founded in 1930, Malayan Insurance is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, with core businesses in banking, financial services, investments, energy, construction, information technology, and education.

Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. is proud of its achievements as much as it is proud of its contributions to the development of the Philippine non-life insurance industry and to the progress of the country. Malayan has become a towering symbol of Filipino entrepreneurship and energy. They have non-life insurance products for individuals and families as well as businesses, ranging from personal accidents, fire, surety, road, travel, family relief, car insurance and many more.

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