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Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Take a trip to where the days are dreamy and the nights, dazzling. Hacienda Isabella is the perfect countryside sanctuary for solace-seekers and hopeless romantics alike.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Hacienda Isabella is a private resort located in Carasuchi, Cavite, just a little off Tagaytay City. This exquisite property was built and designed by the well-known and much-loved pop and jazz singer, actress, model and fashion designer — Kuh Ledesma.

Her distinctive taste and style is evident in every square feet of the property, making it an attractive, scenic venue for intimate gatherings, dream weddings, power team-building events, exciting events and more.

The property houses 19 villas nestled within the romantic ambiance of Cavite, proving to be the ideal setting for intimate gatherings or getaways.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

When you are in need of a breather, drive up to idyllic Hacienda Isabella and give yourself an extraordinary timeout. Whether you are flying solo, coupled up, or with a group, Hacienda Isabella provides a beautiful setting for soul-searching and creating lasting memories.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Stylish and luxurious, yet warm and welcoming

Overdose On Art

One of the most remarkable things about Hacienda Isabella is the overwhelming presence of art in every nook and cranny. From original paintings and replicas of famous works to lovely antique pieces, everything comes together superbly and lends an aura of old world to the place. Use your time to explore and appreciate the art or (carefully) tinker with the antiques on display. The stacks of old, leather trunks or the row of antique cameras and typewriters are worth checking out. Likewise, the scenic environment is conducive to creating art of your own. For enthusiasts, dabblers, and experts, don’t forget to bring your own creative tools; inspiration will definitely strike while you’re there. Pack a canvas or your DSLR, so you can capture the calmness of Hacienda Isabella and remember it long after you leave.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Antique knickknacks take you back in time

Book Yourself Solid

Soulful reflection always calls for a bit of reading and Hacienda Isabella is the ideal environment for both. Pick up books you’ve been meaning to read on the way there, and use the weekend to catch up on your reading list. Find a cozy spot under one of the many trees or take advantage of the luxurious daybeds scattered within the area, and lose yourself in that new romance novel you’ve been dying to read but never had time for. If the moods calls for some internalizing, grab a self-help book by your favorite author or a current bestseller. You may even choose to lay a blanket on the huge, grassy lawn, put on your shades, and get a tan — while devouring your hot read. Take naps when you feel like it.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

One of the many picturesque spots

Put It In Writing

Before going on your great country getaway, load your iPod with songs that get you into thinking mode. Then, play them as you stroll along Hacienda Isabella’s breezy grounds first thing in the morning. Look for a comfortable place where you can think clearly and reflect on what is going on in your life. Jot down any significant thoughts on your journal. Writing them down will help you keep track of the breakthroughs you stumble upon while on hiatus, so you know which areas of your life need to be worked on. Hacienda Isabella’s unassuming atmosphere is suitable for coming up with groundbreaking resolutions that you could put into action as soon as your weekend retreat is over.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Sit here and share a moment

Nurture Nature

Renowned singer and Hacienda Isabella owner and proprietor Kuh Ledesma, together with her brother, L.A.-based landscape artist Constantino Ledesma, are both sticklers for perfection — and that much is clear the moment you set your eyes on the hacienda’s awe-inspiring lush greenery. It almost instantly invokes a loving feeling that you and your significant other should definitely take advantage of. Walking hand-in-hand amongst the fruit trees and breathing in the fresh air are enough to get you all googly-eyed and geared up for whatever comes afterwards. If you’re lucky, you could even sample the fruits that fall to the ground or are low enough to reach.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Just one of the many rooms, each as beautiful as the other

Live Out A Fantasy

Hacienda Isabella’s surreal ambiance makes an interesting backdrop for fulfilling your romantic fantasies. Have an overnight date with their bead-and-breakfast package at P2,500 per head, inclusive of food and lodging. The rooms are spacious and furnished with intricately-designed luxe beds that are so comfortable, you could spend the whole day in them. Also, if you inform the staff beforehand, they can arrange for tealight candles to be placed anywhere in the vicinity. Nothing is more romantic than a nighttime stroll along a candle-lit trail, couples with long hours of heartfelt conversation beneath the moonlight.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

If these walls could talk…

Plan A Milestone

Hacienda Isabella prides itself for creating picture-perfect moments that you will remember forever. The staff is known for painstakingly preparing each detail to make every stay as memorable as possible. So, plan the next big thing in your couple calendar — with Hacienda Isabella in mind. Be it your hon’s birthday, an anniversary, or an engagement, you are guaranteed a momentous celebration. Marriage proposal packages are even offered, starting at P15,000. inclusive of meal set-up and a room. Everything is done by appointment to ensure that nothing can or will go wrong.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

Play pool in the pavilion

Dine With Wine

Bring a blanket, so you and your friends can sprawl freely on the manicured lawn and feast on Hacienda Isabella’s commendable cuisine with a bottle ow wine. Dishes served are all cooked and prepared by the resident chef, according to strict preparations. We recommend their salad with fresh greens and choice of dressing, pumpkin soup, pasta puttanesca, and roast beef. Meal set-ups (for groups of 10 and above only) can be prepared anywhere, so you’ll have the freedom to eat indoors and outdoors. Add a lot of catching up to that equation, and you and the gang are in for a long night of laughter and bonding.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

How long has it been since you frolicked under the sun?

Play Around

Feel like children again as you run around the garden and hide behind the trees. Take photos in quaint spots all over the hacienda and pull off your wackiest poses! You can also enjoy a game of billiards, badminton, or volleyball — all you have to do is ask for a cue or a net. They have everything to ensure that you and your friends will always have something fun to do. When the energy level dies down, request to see their board game collection and play a rousing round of Guesstures or challenge each other’s smarts with the classic Boggle.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth

This is a gustatory feast unlike any other

Keep Fit

With the good food and relaxed atmosphere, it’s quite easy to let yourself go, so make sure to keep each other in check by staying fit together. Do yoga in the morning. Performing the sun salutation at Hacienda Isabella somehow enhances the experience when the pristine beauty of nature surrounds you. Go for a group hike and check out the dramatic infrastructure of the cottages surrounding the main house. You are bound to find something unusual yet amazing while you do your rounds. Take a dip in the pool afterwards to cool off after the activity has subsided. Then, chill out with a glass of their delicious and nutritious calamansi juice.

For more information about Hacienda Isabella, check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HaciendaISABELLA.

Hacienda Isabella: Haven On Earth


  • ADDRESS: No. 8 Barangay Carasuchi, Indang, Cavite
  • CONTACT NUMBERS: (02) 551.72.53 to 55 / 0917.813.90.65 / 0920.953.94.88
  • HOW TO GET THERE: From Tagaytay Rotonda to Soto Grande Subdivision, it is approximately 7 kilometers, or an 8 to 10-minute-drive. From Soto Grande to Hacienda Isabella, it is approximately 8 kilometers of barangay road, or a 15-minute-drive.
  • Note: Visit to Hacienda Isabella is strictly by appointment so please call them first.
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