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How To Make Money As A Live Streamer

How To Make Money As A Live Streamer

The rise of technology and the current economic climate has led individuals to pursue a variety of side hustles for secondary income streams. While some turned to ride apps like Uber and Lyft, others turned to the internet to monetize their skills and passions. You may already be familiar with YouTube influencers who create carefully crafted videos for their audience on a variety of topics. Similarly, creative individuals have utilized live streams to make a bit of extra cash.

What Kind of Live Streams are Out There?

There is plenty of variety when it comes to live streams and you can choose one to fit your passion. If you love a music aficionado, you can create Music Live Streams for enjoyment or even for a purpose. For instance, if you have an amazing cross-fit motivational mix or even a relaxing yoga meditation mix that you want the world to hear, live stream allows people to tune in and enjoy. You can also post live videos from sporting events and other newsworthy content. Finally, you can also use your live streams as an outlet for your passion. Whether you’ve found a great new application for oil painting or want to share your newest scented oil recipe, you can live stream your content and even take questions.

What are the Platforms Used?

There are a variety of platforms including Facebook Live and the Swoo TV app that make live streaming easy and fun. Many apps will allow you to interact with your audiences and some can even have moderator functions to help avoid trolls. The right platform will be intuitive, allow for audience interaction and will show your videos in good quality without freezing or interruptions.

How Is This Monetized?

There are several ways to monetize your live streams. If you are creative and are streaming artistic endeavors, consider setting up a Patreon for your fans. Patreon draws from the ancient tradition where more affluent members of society would patron artists by providing for their daily needs while commissioning an artwork. You can also consider reaching out to brands for sponsorship and free goodies. Finally, running advertisements can also help you earn.

Whatever way you choose to monetize your live stream, it is recommended that you establish yourself and create quality content first.

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