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SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas’ First IMAX With Laser

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

Moviegoers are in for a treat as SM City Iloilo unveils its new IMAX theater, equipped with state-of-the-art 4K laser screening technology – a first in the Western Visayas!

Experience cinema like never before at SM City Iloilo’s latest attraction: the IMAX with Laser Theater, a groundbreaking addition to Western Visayas’ entertainment scene. This state-of-the-art facility revolutionizes movie-watching, offering unparalleled visuals and audio, making it a must-visit destination for all movie enthusiasts.

Elevating Cinematic Excellence

The IMAX with Laser is the first of its kind in Western Visayas, a testament to SM City Iloilo’s commitment to providing cutting-edge entertainment experiences. Equipped with a 4K laser projection system and a multi-channel sound setup, this theater promises crystal-clear, life-like images and precision audio, elevating the movie-going experience to new heights.

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

Iloilo Mayor Jerry Treñas (center) graced the opening as the guest of honor, joining Ms. Ruby Reyes, VP of Marketing at SM Cinema (left-most), for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Unmatched Comfort and Accessibility

At SM IMAX Iloilo, comfort and accessibility are prioritized. With 407 seats, including dedicated spaces for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and a motorized lifter for enhanced accessibility, everyone can enjoy a comfortable movie experience. Plush rocker seating and ample legroom further enhance the overall viewing pleasure.

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

The cinema boasts 407 seats, including dedicated spaces for PWDs. It has comfortable seating and ample legroom, ensuring an enjoyable and accessible movie experience for all.

The IMAX with Laser Experience

The IMAX with Laser technology boasts a 4K laser projection system, offering increased resolution, vivid contrasts, and a broad spectrum of colors that enhance the cinematic experience. The cutting-edge IMAX precision sound adds depth and clarity, enveloping audiences in immersive audio.

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

SM IMAX Iloilo is unbelievably the sharpest, brightest, and clearest digital images you’ll ever experience!

Unrivalled Viewing Pleasure

One of the hallmarks of SM IMAX Iloilo is its custom-designed theater with stadium seating, ensuring a clear view from every seat. The 20 x 11 square-meter curved screen guarantees an unobstructed and immersive viewing experience, captivating audiences from start to finish.

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

SM IMAX Iloilo now features SM Cinema’s first, largest, and biggest IMAX with laser in Visayas Region!

Movie buffs and enthusiasts can relish this extraordinary experience at a reasonable price of Php 710.00 only, granting access to the IMAX with Laser and its array of groundbreaking features. With this innovation, guests at SM IMAX Iloilo can savor:

    Crystal Clear IMAX Laser Projection

    Boasting increased resolution, sharper, brighter visuals, deeper contrasts, and a stunning array of colors for the most lifelike images.

    Next Generation IMAX Precision Sound

    Immerse yourself in patented sound technology that delivers striking clarity and depth, ensuring an evenly distributed audio experience throughout the theater.

    IMAX Immersion by Design

    Custom-designed theaters with stadium seating ensure optimal viewing from every seat, alongside custom screens for the brightest and most vibrant images.

SM IMAX Iloilo Unveils Western Visayas' First IMAX With Laser

Bacolod bloggers with Ms. Kristine Yap, Regional Marketing Manager, Visayas 3&4 (left-most), and Mr. Racent Arcega, Marketing Manager, SM City Iloilo (right-most).

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of cinema like never before. SM City Iloilo’s IMAX with Laser Theater promises an unforgettable journey through the cinematic universe, setting new standards for movie experiences in Western Visayas.

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