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Some Items You Need To Have Before Your Baby Arrives

Some Items You Need To Have Before Your Baby Arrives

There’s nothing more exciting than getting ready for a newborn. It’s challenging alright but exciting nevertheless. Shopping in a store for the essential items needed could probably take a whole day. You’ll see hundreds of products you’d want to bring home but which are the ones you really need? Be sure to buy these 6 things before you give birth. You’ll definitely want them to be ready when you return home with your new baby.

1.) Newborn Diapers

You’ll want to have some diapers on hand for those never ending changes that you’ll have to do in the first few days. It doesn’t matter whether they’re cloth or disposables.

2.) Baby Bottles

Decide if you’re going to breastfeed or not before giving birth. Purchase feeding bottles (glass or BPA-free plastic), nipples, bottle sterilizer, nursing pillow, bottle/nipple brush, breast pump, and milk storage bags.

3.) Crib

Buy a simple crib with a firm mattress and close-fitting crib sheet. Extra items like pillows and blankets are dangerous because they can stop babies from breathing while they’re sleeping.

4.) Burp Cloths

This is also important because babies often spit up every meal and regularly eat every two hours. It would be a must to have these cloths ready and on hand.

5.) Bathing Essentials

You wouldn’t be able to bathe your baby right away so what you can do is to clean her diaper area thoroughly and give sponge baths. But be prepared with a plastic tub, baby soap, baby shampoo, hooded towel, and washcloths.

6.) Baby Pajamas

Don’t just buy jumpsuits but also a few two-piece kimono style top and pants sets. These sets can be worn easily without having to be pulled over the head of the baby.

You’d definitely want these items for yourself but having all these as a gift to your friends and loved ones who are expecting is a great idea as well. One of the benefits of shopping online is having new and wonderful gift-giving ideas at your disposal which makes shopping easier, more fun, and stress-free.

Some Items You Need To Have Before Your Baby Arrives

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For more information, check out Lovingly Signed‘s website and social media outlets.

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