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Sponsored Post: Learning To Love Again

Getting over a break-up is terribly hard especially when you love that person with every fibre in your body. Sometimes it feels as though you can’t go on since you associate everything with him. You can’t imagine a future without him and all you do if you’re not working yourself to death is cry yourself to sleep. You’ve been hurt so much that you don’t ever want to love again. Although eligible men come your way, you just ignore them or you don’t entertain the possibility of being more than friends with them. Having a #NewLove is the farthest thing from your mind. But as the saying goes, love really does move in mysterious ways. Sooner or later you’ll meet someone who’ll make your heart beat again.

That just about sums up the song Yes to Your New Love sung by Moira Dela Torre for the lovely Nestle Temptations commercial. The song’s light and catchy melody adds warmth to the commercial and makes it more interesting. It’s the type of song that you can easily remember and probably sing to even after only a few times of listening to it.

Sponsored Post: Learning To Love Again

Let your heart give in to your #NewLove. Time to say yes to Nestle Temptations Speculoos sticks!

The same thing goes with the commercial itself. It’s nice that some key scenes have referenced some popular movie scenes. The opening scene where a woman is crying is very reminiscent of the scene in Bridget Jones Diary showing Bridget crying her eyes out in her pajamas. Then there’s the scene in Romeo and Juliet when the couple first laid eyes on each other. Another key scene was when she was at the gym and saw the guy working out. It reminded me of that very romantic “inverted” kissing scene in Spiderman. The scene showing the guy holding this “Please come down” sign resembled that of Say Anything’s iconic scene where John Cusack was holding this radio above his head. Then there’s this Love Actually scene as well as the scene in Sixteen Candles when Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling sat on a table with a cake with candles between them.

Know more about Nestle Temptations from their website and see the commercial all over again in Youtube.

This post has been presented by Nestle Temptations, but all thoughts and opinions are solely from the author.
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