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Suspicions Of Sabotage Arise As Power Watch Negros Investigates CENECO Power Outages

Power Watch Negros Eyes Sabotage Behind CENECO Power Outages

In a recent turn of events, Power Watch Negros has raised suspicions about potential internal forces at play behind the frequent power outages plaguing Bacolod City, particularly those orchestrated by the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO).

PWN’s Secretary-General, Wennie Sancho, has announced plans to file a formal complaint against certain CENECO employees allegedly involved in illicit activities leading to the disruptive power outages experienced on March 26 and April 11. Sancho expressed concern over the inconvenience and disturbances caused to consumers and stressed the need for a thorough investigation.

Suspicions Of Sabotage Arise As Power Watch Negros Investigates CENECO Power Outages

Power Watch Negros Secretary-General Wennie Sancho

Not stopping at mere complaints, Power Watch Negros is taking proactive steps to ensure accountability. Sancho disclosed that they would be urging Atty. Arnel Lapore, Acting General Manager of CENECO, to initiate a comprehensive inquiry into the root causes of these prolonged brownouts. Additionally, they are calling upon the National Electrification Administration (NEA) to conduct a simultaneous investigation, particularly focusing on the April 11 blackout.

The suspicion arises from reports indicating deliberate tampering with critical infrastructure, such as the Optical Ground Wire, which resulted in extensive blackouts lasting for hours. Sancho highlighted the seriousness of such acts, emphasizing the potential harm to public welfare and the necessity of a thorough probe.

“We, as member-consumer-owners (MCO) of CENECO, have the right to transparency and efficient access to information,” Sancho reiterated. He stressed the importance of impartiality in the investigation process, urging any implicated linemen to step back to prevent bias.

Suspicions Of Sabotage Arise As Power Watch Negros Investigates CENECO Power Outages

The urgency of the situation is underscored by the disruptive nature of these outages, often occurring during late hours. Sancho emphasized the need for swift action to identify and address the underlying causes.

“If proven true, it would be a grave disservice to the public,” Sancho lamented, pointing out the exacerbating factor of the Cooperative Union of Rural Electrification (CURE) members’ actions. He criticized their apparent disregard for consumer welfare in their pursuit of self-interest.

As Power Watch Negros delves deeper into the matter, the spotlight is on CENECO to ensure transparency, accountability, and uninterrupted power supply for the residents of Bacolod City.

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