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The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

Whether you’re a full-time influencer or a casual photographer, choosing the right snap for your next Instagram upload is a big decision. Some users will naturally go for uploads which they think will go down well with followers (holding a baby and tagging your favorite LUSH coffeehouse perhaps?), whereas others will be taking picturesque photos for no one but themselves, and might decide to treat their followers to one of their collection further down the line.

But one thing that gets any smartphone wielder taking snaps is traveling somewhere interesting and exciting; who wouldn’t want to capture those enthralling sights? An Instagrammable tourist attraction is not just healthy for the likes and followers count, but doubtless gives you an enthralling experience with the naked eye too. That’s why today we’re going to check out some of our picks for the most exciting tourist attractions you may not have heard of.

1. Narachanski National Park – Belarus

If there’s anything that will catch the eye of the casual social media scroller, it’s an unusual location tag above a post. Indeed, this European but non-EU nation was featured in The Secret Traveller’s list of Weirdest Countries in the World, but not without a positive assessment. It isn’t just being in Belarus itself that will intrigue your followers – they will also quickly move on to marveling at the stunning sights you capture. Narachanski National Park is a must-visit for any traveler exploring Europe. Named after Lake Narach and located in the north of the country, Narachanski is the youngest national park in Belarus.

This newness has its benefits – thanks to the numerous hotels and recreation centres on the lake, the area is a pleasant and safe visit for tourists. Due to the vastness of the park, however, the area does not lose its tranquillity, and those seeking some solitude will still find it in this beautiful area, along with some stunning shots of the sunset over the lake, which will, of course, dazzle the followers.

The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

2. The Attendant Cafe – Fitzrovia, London, UK

Instagram isn’t all sunsets and landscapes, and a quirky English cafe is not only the perfect place to test the coffee and take some snaps of your food, it has its own quirky uniqueness too. Located in what used to be a Victorian toilet, this recent conversion is a stroke of genius in its design. Raised bars and stools are integrated into the former urinals. This will, of course, leave people double-taking at the design, but the renovation was so well done that the elegance and charm of the place really stand out, all the while offering a fun and quirky experience. The wrought-iron entrance also does wonders; making you feel like you’ve transported yourself back in time to Victorian London during this visit.

The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

3. Spelga Dam – County Down, Northern Ireland

Keeping it within the UK (just), it’s worth a visit to the border of Northern Ireland and Ireland, where you’ll stumble upon some stunning scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. You can hop across the border with ease, just make sure you have the right currency for each country! But on the Northern Irish side, in the Mourne Mountains, you can capture some great videos of a peculiar optical illusion. On one particular seemingly uphill road, put your car handbrake down and feel yourself being pulled up the hill! Some say it’s magnetism, some say it’s fairies… you decide.

The Most Instagrammable Tourist Attractions

4. Electric LadyLand – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hopping back over to the European mainland, Amsterdam is naturally the place to bring your life, and indeed, your Insta, some quirkiness. Having pottered through the entrance and removed your shoes, you’ll don some slippers and head down into the world’s first museum of fluorescent art. The elaborate sculptures covered in UV light make this an exciting visual experience, accompanied by the finest 60s psychedelic music played overhead to enhance the experience. Some of the objects in the museum are even naturally luminescent, and the man-made sculptures are also a sight to behold.

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