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The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Choosing the right swimsuit is not easy. It’s important that you look good and you feel comfortable. Picking the perfect one requires some time and patience. You might choose something that catches your fancy just because it’s stylish or pretty or pick something that’s flattering to your figure. Here are some tips to find the right swimwear for you.

  • If you have a short torso, select something that lends the illusion of a more elongated frame. A one-piece swimsuit is a good choice especially if it features asymmetrical or vertical blocks of color. For those with long torsos, look for styles that naturally shorten your body’s length such as a tankini top and bikini bottoms in a bright color.
  • Think of the areas of your body that you want to hide. If your upper body is wider than your hips, bring attention downward to establish a more balanced effect. Opt for something with eye-catching detail at the bottom. If your hips are wider than your upper body, draw the eye upward. Find suits that feature significant detail at the top, like a suit that features a dark, solid color at the bottom and a bold floral pattern on the top.
  • If you have a small bust, find swimsuits that lend some curves. Details like ruffles and horizontal stripes will make it look like you have a fuller bust. You need substantial upper-body support and coverage if you have a fuller bust. An underwire one-piece is a great choice as well as a high-neck suit.

The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

However, there are women who don’t care about the rules and just want to wear a stylish swimsuit. They’re comfortable with their bodies and embrace their imperfections. They like wearing modest swimwear that’s cute and fun.

At Lime Ricki, women can choose among a wide array of tankinis and bottoms as well as a variety of one-piece suits designed to fit all their needs – comfort, quality and style. Lime Ricki modest swimwear is what these women want and they know they look great wearing them.

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