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Why Wildlife Vacations Are The Perfect Option For Your Family – Check Out Australia As A Destination

Why Wildlife Vacations Are The Perfect Option For Your Family – Check Out Australia As A Destination

Australia – Official Commonwealth of Australia occupies the continent with the same name, the island of Tasmania and other smaller islands. It is an independent state with its own government, but the political regime is a constitutional monarchy, being included in the British Commonwealth, the Queen of England having as its representative a governor. Read here.

It is the sixth country in the world in size, but also the smallest continent. At the same time, it has the lowest density of inhabitants, ¾ of the country being uninhabited. And not only that. It is the most economical and most flat land of dry land and the driest continent. Two-thirds is desert or semi-desert. The beaches amount to 60,000 km and the coastline measures 19,000 km. Very short for such a big country. The relief forms are missing: there are no large rivers, and the mountains are low. For example, the highest peak, the Kosciusko Peak in the Australian Alps is 2228 m or less than half the height of Mont Blanc. It is the only country without volcanoes. Finally, there is an interesting detail, Western Australia (Western Australia) is just as high as the West of Europe.

From an administrative point of view, Australia is made up of six states from the six British colonies and territories: New South Wales with capital of Sydney, Western Australia with capital city of Perth, Queensland with capital Brisbane, Victoria with capital Melbourne, South Australia having the capital of Adelaide and Tasmania to the town of Hobart as capital. Of the territories, the most important are: Northern Territory, with Darwin’s most representative city and Australian Capital Territory, where Canberra is the official capital of Australia.

Australia is one of the most beautiful and exciting places on this planet. Extremely rich fauna and flora and in many unique ways, gorgeous beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and a variety of tourist attractions.

Why Wildlife Vacations Are The Perfect Option For Your Family – Check Out Australia As A Destination

Why choose Australia

Here is a list of many reasons that make Australia a beautiful travel and holiday destination:

– Sydney Opera House, the best example of modern architecture, becoming the symbol of the continent.

– Sydney Harbor Bridge, the longest arched bridge in the world.

– The 12 Apostles, the strange rock formations of Campbell Bay.

– The horizontal waterfalls Russell and Mitchell.

– The wonderful world of unique animals: the kangaroo, the Dingo dog, the Koala, the Emu bird, the Tasmanian devil. Check out the most exciting tours on australianwildlifejourneys.com/wildlife-vacations.

– Uluru, the brown-orange rock, located in the center of the continent, which is said to have an age of 680 million years.

– Lake Hillner and Mc Kenzie lakes, the first having pink water, the second one being considered as having the most transparent water in the world.

– The Sydney Aquarium, one of the largest in the world.

– The Valley of the Giants, in Western Australia, with trees over 400 years old, with crowns at 40 m tall.

– The golden sands of Gold Cost, a giant puzzle made up of yellow rocks, created naturally from the four primordial elements: earth, water, fire and air.

– The Great Ocean Road, located in Victoria, with a length of 243 km.

– The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, which hosts over 340 species of animals.

– The Vivid Festival, the light festival taking place in Sydney in early winter that is June.

– To eat kangaroo meat. Australians are the only people in the world who eat their national emblem!

Why Wildlife Vacations Are The Perfect Option For Your Family – Check Out Australia As A Destination

Landmarks in Australia

The eastern coast is densely populated, here are the leading major Australian cities and a wide variety of tourist attractions. The West Coast, which includes the states of West Australia, South Australia, and Northern Territory, although it seems harder to reach, the distances between the main cities being huge are no less lacking in tourist attractions. You can check this link: www.wondermondo.com/wonders-of-australia to know more about the most interesting landmarks in Australia.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory is Australia’s least populated territory, with the desert occupying the most significant area. However, it is the place that keeps most of the aboriginal history and culture, and the natural beauty of the landscape has remained untouched if we think here are the most famous natural sights in Australia.

Darwin is the capital of the territory. It is located at the northernmost point of the Australian continent. It is not a large city; it has a population of 110,000 inhabitants. It is considered the “Asian Gate” for air links to Asia or Oceania.

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