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5 Different Types Of Car Covers And What Makes Them Unique

5 Different Types Of Car Covers And What Makes Them Unique

Regular care and maintenance of your vehicle helps keep it running longer. It’s just as important to take care of the outside of your car. When you use car covers for trucks or have a cover custom made for your prized possession, you are taking steps to ensure that the exterior of your vehicle lasts as long as what’s under the hood. Here are different kinds of car covers to choose from.

1. Disposable Covers

A disposable cover is the least expensive cover you can buy and, as the name suggests, is not designed for extended use. These covers are convenient to use to limit your car’s exposure to a temporary danger in your garage.

2. Weather-Resistant Covers

For cars that are routinely parked outside, a weather-resistant cover is a must. These covers are thicker and typically waterproof or at least water resistant. They shield your car or truck from rain, slow or sleet.

3. UV-Proof Covers

Another popular cover for cars parked outside is the UV-proof cover. These covers provide protection for your vehicle from the damaging rays of the sun in order to prevent fading of the paint job.

4. Flannel Covers

If you are looking for car covers for classic cars, a flannel option may be of interest to you. Flannel is ideal for indoor storage, but it can also be effective outside in mild weather conditions. Because of its exquisite softness and thickness, flannel is one of the best materials for protecting against scratches and dents.

5. Custom-Made Covers

When you have detailed criteria for the care of your vehicle, you are likely to have the same criteria for the items used in its care. Experienced professionals can design a custom-made cover that incorporates as many protective elements as possible, leaving you with the ideal cover for your car or truck.

No matter what kind of car cover you choose, it’s important to understand all the options you have to make the best decision. When you work with a company such as Classic Car Cover, you get the benefit of their experience. Call 1-800-423-5525 for more information.

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