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CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

A number of employees of the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) based in Bacolod City were given the privilege to tour MORE Power located in Iloilo.

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

Reasons Behind the Visit

The group from CENECO personally watched the company’s contemporary and standardized operations as a private electric distribution utility.

They visited the ultramodern substations in Molo and at the Iloilo Business District by Megaworld, the advanced Control Center, the highly reliable 24/7 Customer Service Office, Trading Operations in purchasing affordable electricity procurement, and the warehouse where equipment is located. Furthermore, the CENECO employees were presented with different activities and initiatives for the visit by MORE Power.

Important Feedback from the CENECO Employees

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

The process of installing electrical connections only takes over a week at MORE Power while at CENECO it could take up to more than 3 to 4 weeks, says CENECO employee Sheena Lyn Diaz. She further explained that they were amazed by MORE Power’s excellent customer service, specifically the application process. The discrepancy may be chalked up to the fact that CENECO remains a cooperative, which demands many requirements that are sometimes difficult to accomplish. Because of this, their installation process considerably takes longer.

The CENECO employees also expressed their admiration for the state-of-the-art equipment of MORE Power. They said that it’s more modernized than the equipment currently used by CENECO, some of which has been in use in Negros for decades.

Mr. John Raymond Ortiz, a Leadman for Service Installation at CENECO, said that he has noticed that MORE Power has made considerable progress regardless of their being comparatively new in the industry. He further stressed that MORE Power has surpassed CENECO in many facets, particularly with their substations which display advanced technology like no other they have seen.

The Need for Change

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

There’s an immediate need for change. This is according to Mr. Jonathan Prietos, an Account Inspector who has been an employee of CENECO for the past 29 years. It’s time that other CENECO employees realized that, he further added. He’s now looking forward to the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) because he knows that CENECO must grow and change to a different position, taking into consideration the persistent issues that still need to be settled.

Invitation to Tour MORE Power

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

The CENECO employees were invited to visit MORE Power to gauge their sister company’s operations. This’s according to Ma. Cecilia Pe-Calunod, the Assistant Vice President of Negros Power. This visit enabled the employees to personally experience how MORE Power operates and see how efficient their customer service is, providing quality 24/7 customer service.

MORE Power Employee Well-Being Programs

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

MORE Power has also launched employee well-being programs to guarantee their satisfaction and job gratification. The main goal being the empowerment of the Negros Power staff in giving fast, remarkable, and systematic service to every consumer. Furthermore, Ma. Cecilia Pe-Calunod, who is also the Head of the Customer Care Department at MORE Power, stated that they manage their business with a mindset of training their employees to be leaders. Accordingly, the employees must see that the management sincerely practice employee engagement and highlight an overall perspective on employee well-being. MORE Power strongly believes that by giving the proper benefits and attending to employee welfare, they’re simultaneously giving high quality service to their consumers.

CENECO Employees’ Final Thoughts

CENECO Employees Learn About MORE Power In Iloilo Through Tour

The trip has made the employees realize the importance of the Joint Venture Agreement between CENECO and Primelectric and are now fully in support. Even helping in the efforts of getting a franchise for Negros Power (the joint venture company).

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