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Why I Chose Cell Phone Surveillance Instead Of Installing A PC Spyware

Why I Chose Cell Phone Surveillance Instead Of Installing A PC Spyware

As an employer, I’ve stuck to the traditional way of monitoring the activities of my employees on the computers installed in my office. My father before me used all kinds of PC spyware but when I managed the company for nearly six months, things were not quite adding up. I felt productivity was quite less and not satisfactory. I felt I needed more insight into what people do with their cell phones while at work. I believe in maintaining an open and liberal work environment, which is why I didn’t want to ban the use of cell phones. Therefore, I read a lot about cell phone surveillance and about how it can help me gather sufficient information about the activities of my employees.

Why I Chose Cell Phone Surveillance Instead Of Installing A PC Spyware

Here’s a list of reasons why I chose to invest more in cell phone monitoring with XNSPY, instead of investing in a new PC spyware.

Build Trust

I need to trust the people I employ and at the same time, I want them to trust me. This is why; I informed all employees about their being under constant surveillance upon joining my company. By knowing what they say, share, and the kind of people they interact with, I find closure. It helps me pick out the bad eggs before they harm other employees and my company in any way.

Monitor Productivity

Through constant monitoring of the company issued cell phones with the monitoring app installed on it, I could know how much time each employee spends browsing via the cell phone. I caught quite a number of people using their cell phone for Facebook messenger and Gmail activities, rather than using the PC. This helped me understand why despite many people’s being punctual there as a major backlog of incomplete paper work.

Opportunity to Promote Best Person

By knowing the good and efficient employees, I was able to do justice. I promoted the most deserving and dedicated staff, gave many others rewards for their diligence to encourage them, and gave others an incentive to work harder. In my opinion, cell phone surveillance gave me an opportunity to manage things as a better manager.

Protect Company Property

Because I am very conscious about my competitors infiltrating sensitive information, and stealing my plans I needed to protect information. Not just that I needed an option to help me protect the cell phones I issue to my employees in case of theft.

Locate and Track Employee Whereabouts

With XNSPY, I had the power to sit in my office chair and monitor the whereabouts of all my employees. It empowered me by staying informed if any employee left town without my permission during work hours through the geo-fencing tool. By questioning such employees, I was able to enforce work discipline and increase accountability.

Monitor Inappropriate Behavior

In my company, I try very hard to offer female staff equal freedom and safety to work and compete with the male staff. This means they have to socialize and interact in a corporate manner. However, in the past there had been certain incidences that led to workplace racial, gender, religious, ethnic, and sexual discrimination. There was no proof on PC spyware data, which is why I needed something that could allow me to screen all personal messages. Installing a spyware on the cell phones was a great way to monitor inappropriate behavior.

Monitor Company Phone Usage

In addition to all the above, I was able to monitor company phone usage for personal use. In most cases, I found browsing history at timing that would have helped my company increase productivity. I had to make it a rule that employees should strictly use the cell phone during break hours. If I caught anyone playing online games, surfing the net for discount deals, or dating, I took strict action. With the monitoring app, that I installed, I could block unwanted apps on the company cell phone too.

Terminate Problem Employees

At the end, when all my efforts to discipline certain problem employees failed, I could terminate their appointment with evidence. I made screen shots of their activities remotely and used it to back my decision to terminate them. Making sure there was no loophole for them to use and sue was very important for the name of my company.

Why I Chose Cell Phone Surveillance Instead Of Installing A PC Spyware

Features of XNSPY

Just in case you are wondering what features the monitoring app I use offers, here’s a quick look at things I could do from the control panel:

  • Operates in stealth mode
  • Monitoring Text Messages
  • Monitoring internet messengers
  • Monitoring videos and photos
  • Monitoring Facebook messenger and Instagram
  • Monitoring apps installed
  • Monitoring browsing history and bookmarks
  • Monitoring calls
  • Record and listen to sounds in the surroundings of the phone
  • Geo-fencing
  • GPS locations
  • Watch-list feature for contacts and words
  • Monitoring emails
  • Monitoring calendar entries
  • Get alerts 24/7
  • Remote access (wipe off data and lock device remotely)

Overall, I am glad I made the choice to use cell phone surveillance as an innovative management strategy. If you want to increase the success of your business, I’d recommend that you do the same.

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