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Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #RelationshipGoals Or #ThanksButNoThanks

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

Here’s one for all the singles (#hugot) — name your most annoying couple friends (oh come on, we all have one). They’re the couple who just can’t stop talking to each other, about each other and even for each other (yes, some finish each other’s sentences). If they were food, they’d be burgers and fries, because they just can’t get enough!

Read on to see what some of the best food pairs would be like as actual couples:

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

1. The PDA (Public Display of Affection) Couple: Burgers and Fries

Ugh. Whether these two are fighting or just going to the supermarket, they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

These over-sharers’ posts are the most recurrent you see when scrolling through your news feed. They spend more time kissing than talking — and if they do, it’s in annoying baby talk. Again, ugh.

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

2. The Always-Arguing Couple: Coffee and Cake

They’re literally hot one day, cold another. These two love each other, but in such strange ways. Both are strong, opinionated and autonomous and don’t like to be told what to do. None of them surrenders or admits defeat easily — which makes your barkada’s game nights extra competitive.

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

3. The Secret Affair Couple: Salt and Caramel

Paranoid glances around the room, secretive hand touching, giggling, and looking intensely in each other’s eyes. This pair can’t go unnoticed, as they bring out each other’s flavours. They think people don’t know they love each other, but everybody knows — stop trying to hide it already!

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

4. The Couple that Never Goes Out: Milk and Cookies

They are so wrapped up with each other that you forget if you’ve seen either of them the last month. They always opt to stay in to cuddle on the couch, watching romantic comedies, while you cuddle with your pillow…

Food Pairs As Actual Couples | #relationshipgoals or #thanksbutnothanks

5. The Effortlessly Cool Couple: Cheese and Wine

They look like best friends and fight like brother and sister, but the most astounding characteristic is the balance between independence and interdependence. They are separate people with separate interests, yet when they come together it’s like a match made in heaven. #goals

What would your favourite food pairs be like if they were actual couples?

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