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Foodpanda Now Delivers Grocery Items Right At Your Doorstep

Foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service, announces grocery and essential items delivery through shops. In partnership with a variety of retailers nationwide, customers can now order products and groceries without any minimum order requirement. They can have items delivered right to their doorsteps, at an average delivery time of 25 minutes or less.

Foodpanda Now Delivers Grocery Items Right At Your Doorstep

No need to schedule a grocery run when the pantry is empty with snacks, beverages, and bread as 7-Eleven’s list of favorite essentials are just a few taps away. Racks is also offering their ready-to-cook entrees from meats to seafood, while Tous Les Jours offers its frozen bread. For those who need their daily caffeine fix, they can now set up a cozy coffee station at home with Coffee Project and Bo’s Coffee. Hankering for Subway’s deli sandwiches? Foodpanda shops offers their staple ingredients so anyone can recreate their signature favorites any time of the day! shops will surely make access to necessities and favorites much easier.

Foodpanda Now Delivers Grocery Items Right At Your Doorstep

With more than a hundred partners already on board, and growing every day, Foodpanda aims to continue to expand an even broader range of lifestyle and convenience offerings for its customers.

In the Philippines, we know that comfort and convenience are king. That’s why with the launch of shops, consumers now have the ability to take control of their time, effort, and money as the platform now officially offers a one-stop-shop of everything they need from personal care, household items to other staples. shops provide Foodpanda users more options and upgrades so they will never have to run out of everyday essentials. With this newly added service, we’re confident that this will bring delight and satisfaction to our customers who need easy access to their daily essentials, while providing elevated experiences to Filipinos’ everyday lives”, said Foodpanda’s Head of Grocery, Paolo Biondi Te.

Foodpanda Now Delivers Grocery Items Right At Your Doorstep

Foodpanda’s growing pipeline of new business is fueled by its industry-leading network of partnerships, innovative technological platform, and dispatch algorithm. Available on the Foodpanda app, start by entering the delivery address, choose the shop and place an order. The merchant will prepare the items, and when ready, the courier delivers the items at once. The customer can also track the rider in real-time. Whatever customers need at the moment, all it takes is a few taps and let shops deliver the things that matter.

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