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How To Pass A Drug Test For Cannabis

How To Pass A Drug Test For Cannabis

There are various reasons that would make someone get rid of cannabis in their system. One of the common reasons that we are familiar with, is to pass a drug test for employment purposes.

Drug tests carried out in the workplace basically involves urinalysis for metabolites, or what is left behind after the drug has been consumed and processed by the body.

When you take pot, as known in other areas, for medical or recreational purposes, the THC levels in your bloodstream will increase immediately. As the body tries to clean out the THC from your blood, the metabolites are always left behind.

For you to know how you can get rid of the weed in your system when facing a drug test for employment reasons, it’s important to factor in the following:

  1. The testing level for the drug screen
  2. The level of THC and its metabolites in your system
  3. The type of drug test you will undertake

A lot of information is readily available online and it will provide you more options. There are a lot of websites available like cleardrugtests.com where you can find out how you can pass a drug test easily.

Types of Drug Tests

There are different types of drug tests that your employer can use to determine whether you are a user or not. These include hair, blood, and urine.

Urinalysis is the commonly used drug test for testing employees. It’s quite affordable and fairly accurate compared to other types of drug tests.

Blood-test can also be used to identify the presence of THC in your blood. It’s used because it shows impairments.

Hair test might not be used as often however, some employers prefer this to others. It can detect THC metabolites after several months of consumption. You would need to have some extra crazy skills to dodge this type of test though.

How to Pass a Drug Test?

A good way of passing your drug test is simply abstaining from doing drugs. However, there are several ways of masking the THC in you. See the tips below.

Typically, employers deliver random drug test within a short notice, this simply means you won’t have enough time to get ready for it.

Soon as the drug test notice comes up at your workplace, just take a break from consuming cannabis in any form.

Additionally, it’s essential to note that can’t cleanse yourself using vinegar, creatine pills, cranberry juice, a large amount of water, niacin, bleach, sure-jell, ginger root tea, etc.

You can use the following tips instead:

Tips to Pass a Urine Drug Test

As said earlier, the most common type of drug test is urine test. To have a clear cannabis urine test, commonly known as urinalysis test, it doesn’t mean you have to be completely free of THC.

Rather, your THC level should be below the test’s threshold. Normally, the test threshold is 50ng/mL, this is quite on the higher side than you perceive. So long as your test results registers a value below the threshold, this is will be considered negative.

Therefore, the primary means of dodging urinalysis test with flying colors Is simply to have a dilute urine enough to record a value below the test kit threshold.

Sounds simple, but with some few hitches. Laboratories that conducts such tests are constantly looking out for the diluted samples. For a more effective technique, make sure you can also cover the fact that you have a diluted urine sample.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Cannabis


It’s pointless and a waste of time to start taking excessive amount of water days or week before the test because it will only dilute the urine temporarily.

However, you can consume 2-3 liters of water during the day before the test and then bout 2 liters a few more hours before taking the test. Make sure to only drink to your limit as it is dangerous to drink too much water.

Having done this, you will have a colorless pee with levels of creatine being low. Both of these are clues that can raise red flags for any possible urine dilution. This is why it is important to take more additional steps to kill any doubts.

Vitamin B

To add a yellow color to your pee, you will need to use Vitamin B. This will make it look more natural. Vitamin B-12 is the best for this course, so pass by any medicine facility and purchase 100mg of Vitamin B-12 hours before you take the test.


This is usually a chemical byproduct produced during muscle metabolism. It occurs naturally in the body and often used to check for diluted urine samples.

Creatine can usually stay for up to 3 hours, so it’s useless to consume it even a day before your urinalysis. To get a creatine supplement, visit any local healthy food store in your area of residence.

The body breaks down the creatine into creatinine that is excreted in the urine from the body. Take the appropriate amount of creatine supplements just hours before you take the test. Know more about creatinine here.


It’s a very stressful experience that can cause anxiety or even worse to be subjected to a drug test especially if you are a cannabis consumer. Using these tips can help you get it out of your system fast enough to help you improve your chances of passing a drug test.

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