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Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Have A Superb Shopping Experience At Landers Bacolod, Now With Their Nationwide Delivery Service

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Online grocery shopping in the Philippines has become more popular since the pandemic broke out. We know for a fact that we can contract the virus if we stay too long in an enclosed place, so people would rather stay home and shop online rather than visit a physical store. Almost all retail stores already have online websites and that makes shopping easier, faster and more convenient.

About Landers Superstore

Landers Superstore is the fastest-growing membership shopping store in the Philippines. They have five (5) branches in the country located in Alabang, ArcoVia City, EDSA Balintawak, Otis, and Cebu.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

They offer a wide variety of top-notch products to suit every lifestyle, from grocery and organic food to home decors and appliances. Whether you like imported or local brands, you’ll surely find them at Landers. Brands such as Huer candies, Badia spices, Double Rainbow ice cream, Bright Right detergent, and Koita milk are sold exclusively at Landers. They now deliver nationwide!

Online Grocery

Landers.ph is the online grocery platform of Landers Superstore which provides fresh, same-day delivery in selected cities and provinces in the country.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

How To Shop Online

Shopping online is very easy! Simply follow these steps:

(1) Go to www.landers.ph and click Account. (2) If you already have an account, proceed to Step 4, otherwise continue to Sign Up and enter your email and choose your password. (3) Already a member? If yes, enter your membership code and printed name. If no, check below to see the steps on how to apply membership.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

(4) Select Log In. Enter your email address and your password, and click Log In. (5) Choose the items you want to buy, click Add To Cart. (6) Choose your location.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

(7) If you have a voucher, enter the code and click Apply. (8) Click Checkout. (9) Enter your Delivery Address.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

(10) Choose you Delivery Time Slot. (11) Choose Payment Method and click Place Order. (12) You’re done!

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Payment And Delivery

They have several payment methods such as cash on delivery, credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, JCB), Paymaya, and Paynamics. Goods are delivered by Cargo King and Transportify.

Take note though that only credit card payments are accepted for membership card purchases. Furthermore, cash on delivery is available for purchase of groceries up to Php 8,000.

Becoming A Member

Landers has two membership types, Premium and Business. Annual membership card fee for Premium is Php 800 while the annual membership card fee for Business type is Php 1,000.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Becoming a member is also a breeze! Follow these steps to be a member:

(1) Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download the Landers Superstore app. (2) Open the app and click Be A Member. (3) Select Membership Type (Premium or Business) then click Apply Membership.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

(4) Fill out the required information then click Sign Up. (5) After reviewing your Cart Summary, click Checkout. (6) Select Payment Method (Credit/Debit Card) and click Place Order.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

(7) Enter your Credit/Debit Card details then click Pay Now. (8) To check Membership Card, open left menu button and tap on your account then select My Membership. (9) Start shopping now!

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Advantages Of Becoming A Member

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

As a Landers member, you can avail of the following benefits and privileges:

1.) One of the best features of Landers is that it gives you retail options. You don’t need to buy in bulk if you just want 1 item. You’re given the choice to just buy what you need.

2.) One can enjoy exclusive benefits at Landers Superstore that only certified members have such as an access to a wide array of well-known local and imported items.

3.) With the premium membership card, you’re automatically in for a treat as you can take advantage of Landers’ Super Crazy Sale, Super Fuel Sale, and more exciting promos.

4.) They offer a wide variety of organic options.

5.) Landers Superstore satisfies cravings of all kinds with their in-house food choices – Landers Central, Doppio, and Dough & Co.

6.) Members are entitled to free haircut or shampoo and blow-dry services at Federal Barbers.

7.) Members can avail of the lowest priced medicines through exclusive discounts at Capital Care Pharmacy.

8.) Get discounts of up to Php 10 per liter at Landers-Caltex gas stations.

Why I love Landers

I first visited a Landers store way back in 2018 when I attended an event in Cebu. It was the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at the IEC Convention Center (IC3).

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

I saw the Landers store beside the venue and took the chance to shop for some items and eat dinner with friends. I’m really happy that they now cater to more areas nationwide and that they finally cater customers in Bacolod.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

I also enjoyed shopping online at Landers because they have a lot of on sale items. I mostly bought essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial wash, body wash, and detergent soap. I was able to save a total of Php 2,811.75 with my purchases.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

My orders were delivered by Cargo King at our house. They were the ones who opened the box so as to show me that nothing was missing and so that I could check if there were any damages.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Overall it was a great experience shopping online at Landers. No more pasabuys from my relatives or friends since I can already order from them anytime and have them delivered in no time!

Promos And Discounts

Shop and save big with awesome deals! Head on over to Landers.ph and see for yourselves how fun online grocery shopping is at Landers!

50% Off on Membership Sign-ups

Avail of the 50% discount on new members! Promo is exclusive on selected new delivery areas only. To avail of the 50% discount, customer should have a minimum purchase of Php 999 and must enter the voucher code NEWAREA upon checkout. Promo is until February 28, 2021 only.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Green Tag Sale

Take advantage of the Landers Green Tag Sale that’s still currently on at Landers.ph and in any Landers Superstore until February 21, 2021.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

Super Fuel Sale

Get ready to collect special fuel coupons because Lander’s Super Fuel Sale is just around the corner! This February 22 to 28, 2021 (8AM to 9PM), you’ll be able to enjoy discounts of Php 10 off per liter on Platinum or Silver and Php 5 off per liter on Diesel. Secure coupons first by shopping a minimum of Php 3000 at Landers.ph or in any Landers Superstore.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

20% Off on Zenutrients Products

Nourish your hair with the all-natural care of Zenutrients products. Visit any Landers Superstore branch or Landers.ph and catch selected products at 20% off until February 23, 2021.

Landers Superstore Now Offers Nationwide Delivery

For those who aren’t members yet, don’t waste another minute and become a Landers Superstore member now!

The Blue Ink

Dhadha Garcia is a lifestyle blogger from Bacolod, PH. She is a mompreneur, a full-time blogger, and a content creator. She started blogging in 2007 and became one of the pioneers of the Negrense Blogging Society, Inc. (NBSI) in 2009, where she has received several awards and nominations for her blogs. She also writes at www.twenteenmom.com and www.classysweets.com.

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  1. Marichu Galos February 19, 2021

    Galing naman neto. Ang bongga! 😍

  2. Glady February 19, 2021

    Thank you for the step by step instructions. Excited na ko to shop again with the ongoing Green Tag Sale. πŸ™‚

  3. Trix February 20, 2021

    I’m like you, mahilig din bumili ng mga essentials like shampoo, conditioner and soap. Haha! Magandang place ang Landers to find these kasi yung ibang brands, wala sa mga local supermarkets. And lagi pa may sale si Landers kaya dito na ako! Haha!

  4. Marichu Galos February 20, 2021

    Andito na talaga lahat. You can shop pa anytime at anywhere! Galing talaga nang LANDERS SUPERSTORE may mga promo pa! Bongga!

  5. Louisa O. February 20, 2021

    Your guide is very helpful for new users like me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anna Lou February 21, 2021

    I wanted to be a member sa Landers kaso I have no time to go the their store especially ngayon na pandemic, nakakatakot lumabas. Mabuti nlng at meron na pala online (or hindi ko lang alam? hehehe). Ma try nga. πŸ™‚

  7. Mercy B. February 21, 2021

    I love Landers because every month they always have sale and promos in different brands and products.

  8. Soi February 22, 2021

    I can finally buy and send stuff from Landers for my Mama in Bacolod. How’s the shipping fee by the way?

  9. Trassy B. February 23, 2021

    I, too, have visited Landers in Cebu! Namangha ako kasi ang daming magagandang items for sale doon. Sana makabalik ako dun soon!

  10. karen joy daban April 2, 2021

    Wow ang galing naman po ng Landers may online shopping na mas magiging safe nalang tayo to stay at home..

  11. Carminia November 18, 2022

    I live in California and I want to send groceries to my cousin in Paranaque. How can I pay on line if my visa in in dollars?


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