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Lighting Up Lives: MORE Power Iloilo’s Compassionate Commitment

Lighting Up Lives: MORE Power Iloilo's Compassionate Commitment

In a world where utility companies often prioritize profits over people, MORE Power Iloilo stands out as a beacon of empathy and understanding. During a recent maintenance outage on April 28, 2024, they demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their consumers, going beyond the call of duty to mitigate inconvenience caused and provide essential services.

While scheduled maintenance outages are necessary for ensuring the reliability of power infrastructure, they often leave communities disconnected and inconvenienced. Recognizing this, MORE Power Iloilo took proactive steps to alleviate the impact on their consumers.

First and foremost, they maintained clear and transparent communication throughout the outage, providing timely updates to keep consumers informed about the situation. This commitment to keeping customers in the loop not only fostered trust but also helped ease anxiety and uncertainty among affected residents during the outage period.

Lighting Up Lives: MORE Power Iloilo's Compassionate Commitment

Moreover, MORE Power Iloilo demonstrated their empathy by setting up charging centers in strategic locations across affected areas. These charging centers, equipped with mobile generators, provided individuals with the opportunity to charge their devices free of charge. In a time where staying connected is more critical than ever, this initiative ensured that people could maintain communication with their loved ones and access important information despite the prolonged outage.

But the care didn’t stop there. MORE Power Iloilo went the extra mile by providing free cold water, offering relief to residents dealing with the discomfort of the outage. This small gesture of providing basic necessities further exemplifies their commitment to supporting the communities they serve.

Lighting Up Lives: MORE Power Iloilo's Compassionate Commitment

Through their empathetic approach, MORE Power Iloilo not only restored power but also restored faith in their service. They proved that empathy is not just a word but a guiding principle deeply ingrained in their commitment to serving consumers.

As they continue to expand their services to Bacolod and Central Negros through it’s sister company Negros Power, MORE Power’s legacy of empathy will undoubtedly follow. The same kind of service that touched lives in Iloilo will soon benefit residents in other areas. It’s a reminder that, even in challenging times, compassion and understanding can light up more than just our homes — they can illuminate our hearts.

MORE Power Iloilo’s dedication to customer satisfaction and understanding sets them apart as a power provider that truly cares about the well-being of its consumers.

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