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PUBG UC Guide: How To Get It And What You Can Buy

PUBG UC Guide: How To Get It And What You Can Buy

PUBG, being among the most popular mobile games, features valuable in-game currencies — Battle Points (BP) and Unknown Cash (UC). While BP can be earned through diverse in-game activities, PUBG UC is a premium currency typically obtained through real-money top-ups.

Additionally, you can get UC by following a series of options, which will be discussed in this article. Once in possession of UC, players can use it to buy exclusive in-game items. Discover the different ways to obtain UC and the optimal uses for it in PUBG below:

How to Get UC PUBG

There are diverse methods to obtain UC, ranging from free to paid options. If you are interested in exploring these methods, read on for a detailed overview:

1. Buy UC From a Trusted Platform

Obtaining UC by purchasing it with real currency is the most conventional and secure method. Lapak Gaming is a reliable platform that facilitates this service.

Furthermore, Lapak Gaming offers a variety of UC denominations, enabling players to select the amount that suits their requirements. Opting for this method grants direct access to UC, empowering players to elevate their gaming experience and acquire exclusive in-game items.

2. Use UC Vouchers

An alternative method to acquire UC involves redeeming UC vouchers, which are obtainable from various gaming websites and authorized retailers. Typically, these vouchers come with a unique code that users can input into the game, resulting in the appropriate amount of UC being credited.

This approach is favored by gamers who enjoy making purchases through third-party platforms or reputable online marketplaces.

3. Obtain Through Giveaways, Events, and Achievement

PUBG Mobile regularly organizes giveaways, events, and achievement challenges that allow players to earn modest amounts of UC. Participating in special events, completing in-game challenges, or reaching specific milestones can grant players these rewards.

Although the UC obtained through these methods may be limited, they present an opportunity for players to accumulate UC gradually without the need to make real money purchases.

Best Use for UC in PUBG Mobile

You can use UC for many things and it makes it easier for you to complete the game. However, so that your UC doesn’t go to waste, you can use it to buy the following items:

1. Weapon Skins

To personalize your weapon, invest your PUBG UC in purchasing weapon skins. These skins not only enhance the visual appeal of your weapons but also boost your confidence in battle. Weapon skins are available in various levels, ranging from common and rare to legendary, each offering unique designs and effects.

2. Royale Pass

The Royale Pass is a seasonal event that presents players with exclusive rewards and in-game advantages as they progress through different levels. Investing in the Royale Pass allows access to various cosmetic items like emoticons, vehicle skins, and clothing.

Additionally, having the Royale Pass enables you to accumulate more currency for future acquisitions. So, opting for a Royale Pass with your UC spending can offer enduring value for your PUBG account, providing ongoing benefits, and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

3. Crates

Crates in PUBG consist of random cosmetic items like weapon skins, clothing, and other appealing accessories. Unlocking these crates requires the use of UC, enhancing the likelihood of obtaining rare items.

Despite the element of luck in crate contents, they offer players distinctive customization choices that can make characters and weapons more prominent. Moreover, using UC to open crates enables players to broaden their assortment of cosmetic items, introducing diversity to their gaming encounters and providing unique visual enhancements.

This informative review outlines the process of acquiring PUBG UC and its optimal use in the game. For a secure, efficient, and straightforward approach, Lapak Gaming is a trusted platform where you can purchase UC.

Simply enter your ID on Lapakgaming’s PH official website, select your desired product, complete the payment, and watch as UC is seamlessly added to your game account. Furthermore, Lapak Gaming provides diverse UC packages, accommodating various needs and budgets, ensuring a tailored experience for PUBG players.

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