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What Is Genesis Crystal And How To Genshin Impact Top Up On Lapak Gaming

What Is Genesis Crystal And How To Genshin Impact Top Up On Lapak Gaming

There are important things to understand when you play Genshin Impact. One of them is Genesis Crystal, a special currency that helps players become skilled in battles by getting various items and weapons.

Genesis Crystal, or GC, works like Diamonds in games like PUBG Mobile Legend and Free Fire. You can do Genshin Impact top up to get Genesis Crystals, but you cannot earn them in the game. If you want to know more about Genesis Crystal and how to recharge it, read this review:

The Role of Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact

Like currency in online games in general, Genesis Crystals can be used to buy various items in the game. What can you buy using Genesis Crystal? Here is the list:

1. Primogem

If you buy Primogem, you can get Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate, which are helpful when you do a gacha pull.

Primogems are like rewards you can get for free in the game by doing missions, like opening treasure chests, increasing adventure rank, or teleporting waypoints. But, it takes a while to get them this way. If you want them faster, you can buy Genesis Crystal, and the cost is 1 Genesis Crystal for 1 Primogem.

2. Starglitter

You will receive one of two currencies when you do a wish or gacha. One is called Starglitter, which you can spend to buy special items like Intertwined, Acquaint Fates, and weapons from Paimon’s Bargain.

If you happen to get a 4-star weapon from a wish or a character you already have, you will earn Masterless Starglitter. The number of rewards changes based on how rare the item or character is and how often you have gotten a duplicate of the same character before.

3. Stardust

You can also spend this currency within the game Genshin Impact. However, you can only earn Stardust from Wish. Moreover, every time you obtain a 3-star weapon, you receive 15 Stardust. Currently, Stardust can only be used to buy items at Paimon’s Bargain shop.

What Is Genesis Crystal And How To Genshin Impact Top Up On Lapak Gaming

How to Top Up Genesis Crystal Genshin Impact on Lapak Gaming?

Do you want to make your Genshin Impact gaming experience more thrilling? If the answer is yes, you have the option to do Genshin Impact top up through Lapak Gaming. The costs are reasonably priced, with various denominations available, ranging from 60 Genesis Crystals to the All Pack Genesis Crystals. To complete the top-up process, you can follow several simple steps, including:

  • Visit Lapakgaming’s PH official website to begin.
  • Locate Genshin Crystals on the homepage. If you cannot find it, use the “Search Game” box at the top of the screen and type in the game’s name.
  • Choose the desired amount of Crystals for purchase. Remember that this top-up is available only for Android and iOS users.
  • Select from various payment methods, including:
    – E-Wallet or E-Money (Gcash, Paymaya, and Grabpay)
    – Over Counter (Cebuana and 7Eleven)
  • Enter your Genshin Impact User ID and choose the correct server. If you have a promo code, you can input it in the provided box.
  • Once all the information is filled in, click on “Buy Now” to complete the transaction.
  • After the transaction is confirmed, the Crystals will be immediately credited to your account.

That’s a review of what Genesis Crystal is and how to Genshin Impact top up through Lapak Gaming. With just a few simple steps, Genesis Crystal will be seamlessly added to your Genshin Impact account, making the game more thrilling and increasing your chances of winning.

Lapak Gaming not only provides a secure platform but also offers cost-effective options through bulk purchase promotions. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Genshin Impact Codes available on Lapak Gaming to gain additional benefits.

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