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Sanofi WeHealth: Bridging The Gap Between Doctors And Patients

Sanofi WeHealth Provides A Holistic Approach To Treatments

Sanofi WeHealth: Bridging The Gap Between Doctors And Patients

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the lives of many Filipinos more difficult. Never have I imagined that the Philippines and the rest of the world would go through something as catastrophic as this. Not being able to freely go outside of your house unless it’s absolutely necessary, and taking the utmost precautions while doing so. I’m already used to staying at home because of this quarantine. I’m afraid of getting sick and/or infecting my family that I’d rather do chores like grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. online. When I do have to go out, I always follow all the health protocols and try to get back home right away. I also tell my husband and daughter to be extra careful so as not to get into accidents or try not to be sick since I don’t want us to go to the emergency room or to the hospital during this pandemic. I’ve read articles saying that people may get easily infected when they go to hospitals and clinics. I’m fearful and know for a fact that many people feel the same way.

Sanofi WeHealth: Bridging The Gap Between Doctors And Patients

But what if you really need to go to the hospital and not being able to do so may risk your life. Since people are afraid, they pretend that there’s nothing wrong and forego treatment, thus making their conditions worse. Now, because of technology that problem has been addressed. Telemedicine and e-Health has become quite common and popular and has bridged the gap between patients and their doctors.

Quality care is just a few clicks away with Sanofi WeHealth, an e-Health ecosystem which connects doctors, patients, and healthcare providers through holistic solutions and innovations. Anyone, especially those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease, can get medical consultations 24/7. They can even get their medicines delivered right at their doorstep. Not only can millions of poor Filipinos have access to healthcare, they wouldn’t have to go to the hospital and risk exposure. Furthermore, they’ll save some money because they won’t have to take public transportation, and time since they won’t have to battle traffic.

Sanofi WeHealth is made possible with the partnership of trusted platform providers like SeriousMD, AIDE, KonsultaMD, HealthNow and Medifi as their telehealth providers, as well as Watson’s and SouthStar Drug as their pharmacy chain partners, providing patients a very holistic e-Health platform. These patients are assured of the care they deserve, and that care is also offered to people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Sanofi acknowledges these organizations for their steadfast support in empowering the Filipino community for a healthier Philippines.

Sanofi WeHealth: Bridging The Gap Between Doctors And Patients

Sanofi and their partners bring every healthcare to everyone: Sanofi products available in online pharmacy and e-delivery; laboratory services partnership; linking existing pharmacy chains; and digital patient support. To learn more, visit www.sanofi.ph/en/healthier-philippines/wehealth

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