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Top Backpacking Tips

Top Backpacking Tips

One of the highest stress when preparing for a holiday is inevitably linked to luggage. Whether you are leaving for a weekend, a week, a month or more, luggage seems to be always a problem. However, we are happy to share with you everything we know, offering some tricks and tips that are very useful about how to pack intelligently. You’ll thank us later.

Make a list of all the things necessary

The phone charger, the camera, batteries for the device, the papers you need, money, medication, makeup kit, beach lotion and other things like that. Write a list of all this, not to forget them when packing your bags. We know, we know you cannot forget them because they are so important, right? Well, rather than realizing when you arrive at the destination that you forgot your charger, but all the cosmetics, hair dryer, and iPad are there, it’s better to avoid such situations beforehand.

Take luggage as small and light as possible

No matter how many days you spend on vacation, it’s important to take a light and practical baggage with you so that it will not be difficult for you to carry it and enjoy every moment of freedom. In addition, think that if you do not have big luggage (you have to carry it) but a handbag you will take it with you on the plane, you can put it under the front seat or in the top compartment your place. You will always know where it is, have everything you need at your fingertips, and not wait for your luggage when you get off the plane, but you can start directly exploring the destination you’ve come to. Let’s not say that the risk of losing your bags disappears. Click here for more info.

Do not store valuable items in your luggage

If you travel, however, with luggage, don’t putt valuable things in it. We refer to jewelry, money, and documents you need or more fragile items. First of all, there is always the possibility that your luggage can be lost and never recover it again. Also, some airport employees may be more “tempted” to take things out of your bad, so be careful not to put anything significant. Plus, even if you do have travel insurance and you get compensation for the lost things, it’s like a sum of money that cannot replace the sentimental value of a family jewel, is it? You should be aware that to keep your items safe, the Backpacks Asia offers extra protection to make sure you won’t be a theft victim.

The handbag must contain the essential things

If you have luggage, besides storing all your valuable items put in a spare jersey, underwear, cosmetics or other practical things in it. So, if your luggage gets lost and you do not get it back in the same day, you will avoid the unpleasant situation where you do not have any clothes or toothpaste and a deodorant, and you have to go shopping on the first day arrive to get these things.

Roll the cotton clothes and fold the rigid ones

In addition to saving a lot of space this way, you will avoid wrinkling many garments. Socks, underwear, t-shirts or other cotton items can be rolled easily and do not wrinkle at all. Also, another trick would be to put inside the shoes all of your small garments. The space gained can be used for the souvenirs you buy when you return from your holiday.

Only pack versatile clothes

T-shirts, jeans, pants in one color or skirts and dresses. Make sure they are lightweight, maintenance-free and in the same chromatic tone. This way, you will be able to make various combinations, and you will save a lot of space again if you do not want to prepare a different item for each holiday day but you will try to combine all the things you have brought.

Top Backpacking Tips

If you are transporting liquids, put them in reseal-able bags

You should keep in mind that any liquid or creams you want to take can get spilled. To avoid stains on your clothes, put all these things in reseal-able bags before placing them in your luggage. The tip is valid for both the handbag and the big bags.

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Before packing your bags, check all the clothes you want to take with you. If their number is equal to the number of days, then you have too many clothes. On vacation, you will not need as many things as you think. Clothes can be washed, towels are found at the hotel (if not offered free of charge, you can rent them), as well as personal care products. By giving up all these things, the bags will be lighter. Always pack a longer scarf. It is perfect if you will face a colder day on vacation.

Pack in three layers

The bottom one is with rolled clothes and shoes, the middle one with the more substantial things you fold, and the above one with the small articles you need to keep at reach. For the bag, you will take it with you in the cabin. Moreover, you have to first put the passport, the travel documents, plus the wallet. It will be essential to be able to get through the airport quickly and not to look for everything you need, especially when you pass the security checks.

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