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6 Best Fusion Restaurants In Norcross

Although Norcross, Georgia, is a diminutive city, it has more than its share of diverse restaurants with menus that offer much variety. Norcross has many restaurants that serve fusion foods, a term describing the mixing of two or more food cultures and cuisines. If you’ve never tried fusion food, Norcross gives you a multitude of excellent choices to suit your tastes. Most of the fusion restaurants in Norcross have Asian influences. Discover six highly rated fusion restaurants in Norcross.

6 Best Fusion Restaurants In Norcross

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Ba Bellies

Ba Bellies (6025 Peachtree Parkway Suite 9, Peachtree Corners; 770-710-0565) is a casual dining fusion restaurant and gastropub that mixes different Asian traditions in combination with their own variations. The restaurant offers beer tap selections from local and regional breweries, plus bar dining and happy hour. Take advantage of takeout options, too. Prices for dishes range from $11 to $30.

Siamese Basil Thai Restaurant

Explore a combination of Asian and Thai cuisines with casual dining and takeout options at Siamese Basil Thai Restaurant (6034 S. Norcross Tucker Road; 770-242-4015). You’ll find favorites such as rice, noodle dishes, and Thai curries, plus soups, salads, and appetizers. Prepare for foods that are hot and spicy. Note that no alcohol is served at this location. Prices for dishes range from $11 to $30.

Loving Hut

The Loving Hut (6385 Spalding Drive, Peachtree Corners; 678-421-9191) serves vegetarian and vegan dishes combined with Mongolian and other Asian cuisines using only plant-based foods. This restaurant gives the options of takeout and casual dining. Note that no alcohol is served at this location. Prices for dishes are generally less than $10.

Happy Valley

You’ll find dim sum, seafood, and Asian cuisine at Happy Valley (5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd.; 678-218-0888). This restaurant is known for its fantastic seafood dishes. You’ll have the options of takeout, delivery, and casual dining. Happy Valley serves beers and wines with dinner. Prices for dishes range from $11 to $30.

Royal Bistro

Formerly known as Royal Thai Cuisine, Royal Bistro (6365 Spalding Drive Suite A; 770-598-4719) has dishes capturing Asian and Thai cuisines. The restaurant also serves American sandwiches and dessert. Dining options include casual, takeout, and delivery. Beers and wines are served with dinner. Prices for dishes range from $11 to $30.

Bento Cafe

The Bento Cafe (5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd.; 770-300-9798) offers smoothies and a juice bar. Dining is casual with takeout options served. Note that no alcohol is served at this location. Prices for dishes are generally less than $10.

While vacationing in Norcross, Georgia, the opportunity to try different types of foods will present itself, making it an excellent time to take advantage of the assortment of restaurants that occupy this trendy town. If you’ve never had the chance to try fusion foods, visiting Norcross would be a great time to do so because the choices are plentiful and expansive. When you book your hotel close to one of these Norcross restaurants, you can easily get to many places to enjoy your food discoveries.

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