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Digital Flexible Packaging Printing Places An Important Role In Flexible Packaging

Digital Flexible Packaging Printing Places An Important Role In Flexible Packaging

Digital printing is gaining popularity and has become more attractive for producing short-run and customized packaging due to its lower cost. There is an increasing high demand for food packaging because of the rapid growth of the population. Due to modern technology, digital flexible packaging printing is increasing in importance.

Digital flexible packaging printing has been presented to those looking to enter new markets and embrace new flexible package printing and converting technologies. With the rising of e-commerce and social media, modern shoppers are expecting a wide range of consumer packaged goods and instant delivery. As the lifecycle of products have shortened dramatically, there is a huge pressure to handle an increasing number of short suns and flexible packaging are expected to meet these evolving needs.

Digital printing enable companies to handle a batch of short-run work effectively at cheaper cost. With digital printing, more new features and technologies are being added e.g. dry bond lamination that does not requires any cure time, ready to be slit and heat-sealed for pouches immediately. To address production lead time challenge, the value of digital printing for labels and packaging are maximize through an ecosystem with optimized and qualified material and hardware solutions.

We have seen attractive and colourful images concerning the product printed on packages. Flexible packaging has been well presented by digital flexible packaging with the printing of labels, instructions, manufacturer’s information, production and expiry dates, etc. on the packages. Many brand owners have converted to digital flexible packaging due to lower cost for higher quality short-run packaging.

Non-rigid packaging is now being used for both edible and inedible to package as well as to protect the products. These packaging comes in various forms of package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed such as bags and pouches. There are various sizes and shapes of bags and pouches, and some are transparent and some are not. Flexible packaging such as the bags, pouches, liners or overwraps are made of the best quality of plastic, film, paper and aluminium foil for the protection of the products.

A vast variety of products are packed in flexible packages to protect, market and for distribution. The flexible packages is used to ensure food safety, extending the shelf life of the products, for heating up the pre-cooked products, barrier protection, convenience for consumer, and provide for re-sealable purpose. You can easily see the wide range of snacks packed in re-sealable flexible packages.

The reason why businesses are turning to flexible packaging is because it is light and easy to transport, easy to open, carry, store and reseal back after the package has been opened. It also extends the shelf life of many food products because the products are vacuum packed, just like those in coffee bean packaging. And this results in less consumer waste and less litter. It helps to maintain freshness in the foodstuffs and offers convenience to the consumer.

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