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Sferic Maps: What Is It And How They Can Mitigate Outdoor Risk

Sferic Maps: What Is It And How They Can Mitigate Outdoor Risk

Forecast workers and other professions involving the safety of the public understand the importance of accurate observations in order to protect people, resources, and property. Sferic Maps is a professional weather software that aids in making intelligent decisions by providing data, alerts, and visuals. Both forecasts and real-time information are contributors in how Sferic Maps can mitigate outdoor risk, including the following capabilities:

1. Lightning Sensor System

Sferic Maps provides one of the best technologies in detecting lightning and other severe weather conditions. This software shows lightning that is both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground, and can minimize risks by sending out instant alerts to emergency professionals, airports, event staffs, and anyone else involved in keeping citizens and property safe.

2. Collaboration

Keeping colleagues and staff up-to-date on important weather information is crucial. Sferic Maps allows users to easily share maps and other critical data to companions in the field or at other locations, decreasing the time needed to spread information about severe or dangerous weather conditions to those at risk.

3. Customization

Users of Sferic Maps can easily customize their software to help bring them the most crucial and relevant information for their responsibilities. Professionals can select which weather notifications they would like to receive as well as customize real-time layer data, including storm cells, radar, temperature, and more. Users can also import data from third parties.

4. Speed

Sferic Maps can be used from web browsers or mobile devices, allowing users to receive instant data and notifications even when they are on the go. All of the software’s features come together to make Sferic Maps one of the fastest monitoring and alerting technologies while increasing response times to dangerous weather warnings.

If you have a position that involves the safety of the public, planning and preparing for disasters is crucial. Obtaining the most advanced and highest-quality professional weather software can help you protect those around you. For more information on Sferic Maps and how it can mitigate outdoor risk, visit www.earthnetworks.com.

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