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Why Cybersecurity Should Be Given More Importance

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Given More Importance

The largest data breach in history happened in August 2013. All of Yahoo’s 3 billion user accounts were affected and it took the company 3 years to discover the breach. Because of this, Yahoo’s value decreased by $350 million and its stock price dropped by 3%. This is just one example of many cybersecurity breaches that happened to different businesses and companies. Although each group differs in revenue and size, they all have methods in improving their overall cybersecurity, though some are more prepared than others.

Cybersecurity is important now more than ever because cyberattacks are now so common that once it does happen, million of people could be harmed. It happens on a global scale that there are even times when hackers breach government organizations. Also, rapid technological changes will definitely cause an increase in cyberattacks. Furthermore, a stream of hacks of big companies may cause millions in damages to recover the data. These expenses will cause job loss because of the companies cutting cost. As for individuals, identity theft is one of the biggest issues where hackers steal a person’s information and sell it for financial gain.

Organizations need to be very careful in storing their data. No form of protection is unfailing but when nothing is done, this leaves the door open for all kinds of attacks. That is why they should learn to store and protect data securely by using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. Sensitive data should be encrypted so that information is still protected even if hackers gain entry to a database.

IT professionals must always be equipped with the right tools, right skills, and knowledge to be able to keep cyberspace safe and secure. They should be updated on new technologies, threat landscape, and industry trends as well as be inspired to always continue learning.

DECODE 2020: ELEVATE! Transform Rapidly, Seamlessly, Securely.

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