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Your Next Big Gig: The 4 Perks Of Being A Sun Life Financial Advisor

Freedom, fun, and making a difference as a Sun Life advisor

Your Next Big Gig: The 4 Perks Of Being A Sun Life Financial Advisor

You grind away, punching the clock, but the dream vacation or that passion project seems like a distant dream. What if I told you that there’s a way to meet your financial goals, fuel your passions, and have incredible experiences while making a difference in people’s lives. Enter your “Next Big Gig”– becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

In this article, two successful Sun Life financial advisors share that this career offers a unique blend of benefits:

Profit: Break free from traditional salaries and achieve your financial goals

As a Sun Life financial advisor, you’ll have the extra money to realize your dreams.

Robert Ryan Chu, one of the top advisors based in Iloilo City, emphasizes that your income reflects your drive and dedication. “Being a Sun Life financial advisor has allowed me to earn significantly more than a traditional fixed-income job. Since there’s no salary in being an advisor, all earnings are commission-based which means there’s no limit. Your income will depend on how driven, diligent, and determined you are.”

Noemi Araña, financial advisor and unit manager in Iloilo City, started as an insurance policyholder with Sun Life when she was 21. It was her “forced savings” and protection from the uncertainties of life at the same time. Joining as a financial advisor, later on, allowed her to explore other ways to “earn, learn, and apply”.

Passion: Sun Life offers flexible hours, allowing you a work-life balance

This isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity to have a brighter life where you can have time freedom and be able to pursue your passions.

“At first, what drove me to pursue this career was the promise of having an additional income stream and learning more about properly handling my finances. When your income increases, it opens up areas in your life that were previously difficult to access, like time freedom and other indulgences, like being able to eat at an upscale restaurant, or buy luxury goods,” Chu shared.

“Later on, because of the knowledge and learnings you receive in being a financial advisor, you develop the expertise in risk and asset management which you apply first to yourself and your finances and then ultimately, you provide that knowledge and value to your clients,” he added.

For Noemi Araña, being a Sun Life financial advisor allowed her to pursue her career while being present for her family, especially her three children.” Watching them grow and being with them in every milestone of their life is priceless. I can work anywhere I want. It allowed me to manage my time wisely and learn the process of discovering things around me,” she said.

Play: Awesome travel perks earned through Sun Life’s advisor program

Sun Life rewards hard work with amazing travel experiences, all expenses paid!

Sun Life understands the importance of work-life balance and taking good care of its partners, said Chu. “That’s why we get to take part in rewarding incentives like travel. I’ve enjoyed these all-expense-paid trips to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Portugal, and Korea. They last for almost a week! You get to unwind and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

“I enjoyed the travel incentives for years. As the saying goes, ‘work hard and play hard.’ I also enjoyed meeting new people and becoming friends with other colleagues in the industry. Traveling for free and experiencing the first-class service that only Sun Life can provide has created some of my most memorable travel experiences,” Araña said.

Your Next Big Gig: The 4 Perks Of Being A Sun Life Financial Advisor

Purpose: Helping people achieve financial security

Being a Sun Life financial advisor gives you a sense of fulfillment because you’ll guide others toward financial security. You’ll be their “Partner for Life.”

Chu believes that when your finances are in order, all other things generally, fall into place. “My goal is to alleviate my client’s burden by educating them about the financial solutions and concepts that Sun Life provides. Knowing that I’ve left a positive and lasting impact and that I built a good relationship with my clients gives me a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment,” he shared.

Araña agrees, as she also finds fulfillment in assisting families through challenging times. May it be helping a family achieve financial stability after losing a breadwinner, helping a person diagnosed with illness find support for their medical expenses, or helping people enjoy the fruits of their labor through their retirement funds.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Sun Life provides comprehensive training and support, regardless of prior finance experience. Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community of advisors – all working together to create a brighter future for their clients (and themselves!).

“Take the leap. One of the biggest upsides in being an advisor is you can do this while still working in your current profession. We have successful advisors who are also in the medical profession, business owners, lawyers, teachers, and even like myself, in the IT industry,” Chu said.

He encourages those interested to attend one of their Live Brighter Forum events to know what you can potentially enjoy as a successful financial advisor.

Why Sun Life?

Sun Life Philippines has been a trusted partner for Filipinos for over a century and is a leading financial institution offering a wide range of products and services. Sun Life is committed to helping Filipinos achieve their financial goals and secure a brighter future.

Start Your Journey Today!

Are you ready to take the step towards the “Next Big Gig” that could change your life? Visit sunlife.co/gig today and start your journey as a Sun Life Financial Advisor. Visit sunlife.co/gig to know more.

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