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Beyond The ‘Aesthetic’: How To Take Awesome Content Like A True Digital Native

Beyond The 'Aesthetic': How To Take Awesome Content Like A True Digital Native

If there’s one generation that has mastered the art of content creation, it’s definitely Gen Z. Born into an age of hyper-connectivity and social media, these digital natives have an innate skill when it comes to capturing content — marrying authenticity with creativity — and sharing them for the rest of the world to see. Their fresh perspective and talent for content have ultimately led to the emergence and evolution of various social media platforms and quite inevitably, a plethora of content creation trends.

From slice-of-life mini-vlogs and carousels, to the infamous ‘Gen Z’ blur, this new generation of creators has redefined content and transformed it into something that goes beyond aesthetic. Gone are the days when taking a single photo requires a full production. Nowadays, there’s a certain rawness they embrace and this makes content creation seem somehow less daunting. All one needs is a reliable smartphone to help them capture their lives in the best and most creative way possible.

Enter: the Samsung Galaxy A Series. Keeping in mind this generation’s diverse content sensibilities, the Galaxy A33, A53, and A73 5G are equipped with the most advanced camera features to enable the content creator in everyone. Here are some tips in creating raw and authentic content with these awesome smartphones:

1. Always be ready to capture moments

Beyond The 'Aesthetic': How To Take Awesome Content Like A True Digital Native

One thing professional content creators have in common is they always keep an eye out for amazing content opportunities. From scenic cityscapes to a nice mirror selfie, they try to capture even the most mundane with their artistic vision and skill to be able to compose the shot in the blink of an eye.

Aside from having the eye for nice content, it’s also important that the device you use is reliable to help you stay ready for unexpected content opportunities. What’s good about the Galaxy A Series is that these smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras to ensure vivid and sharp shots. The Galaxy A73 5G, for instance, boasts a 108MP Quad Camera with specialized Depth, Macro, and Ultra Wide lenses you can rely on to help you take stunning shots from every point-of-view. What’s more, it also has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to ensure your videos are stable even with shaky hands.

Both the Galaxy A53 and A73 5G also have 32MP front cameras that make riding on the hottest dance challenges or mini-vlog trends a breeze! Even at night, these devices can also take sharp and clear photos with its smart Night Mode feature. It lets you capture the best of the night with its low-light capabilities. Stretch your creativity.

Content creators notice the beauty in the little things—the sunrise, the morning coffee, the fresh flowers, and even their favorite book. This allows them to turn anything into awesome content and be the main character of their lives, as they should be.

It helps to have a device that makes it easy to immerse in the magic of every day and allows you to be your ultimate creative self. The Galaxy A Series is packed with camera features that enable content creators to stretch their creativity and artistic vision. For one, the Galaxy A33 and A53 5G help users to produce beautiful portraits through enhanced Bokeh and various lighting effects. . These devices are also designed to make it possible to capture shake-free, clear footage of ordinary moments even on the go, and make life feel like a movie with its AI Stabilizer.

With its FHD+ Super AMOLED display, captured moments carry their true-to-life colors even on screen. Plus, it makes editing of photos easily done with its Photo Remaster and AI Eraser features, which can improve old, low-resolution images and remove photobombers effortlessly.

2. Stay visible on social media

It takes a great deal of courage to share anything personal online. But no content creator ever made it successfully by keeping all their content to themselves. They find the platform where they feel most comfortable in, share their creativity, and post content as much as they can.

With the Galaxy A Series’ high-speed 5G processors, editing multiple content at once and maintaining regular online visibility can be done with no hassle and no lags. And because of their ultra-fast 5G performance and connectivity, uploading content can be done in a snap. With a device as powerful as the Galaxy A Series, even livestreaming to interact with followers and engage with a community becomes extremely enjoyable.

3. Have fun and don’t hold back

Beyond The 'Aesthetic': How To Take Awesome Content Like A True Digital Native

Remember that producing content is not just about getting likes and views, or simply hopping on a trend. It’s about letting the whole world know your authentic self and the things you can do.

The best thing about the Galaxy A Series is that it’s designed to help Gen Z content creators find their awesome endgame. It’s easy to just be in the moment, get lost in the serenity of the beach, or experience the thrill of the outdoors when a device has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating. Because the Galaxy A Series is resistant to any spill, splash, or splatter, it makes it easy to travel anywhere they want and live their best life without worrying at all.

It only takes a single device from the Galaxy A Series to create content that goes beyond the aesthetic. What’s more, these smartphones can be yours at awesomely unbeatable prices:

  • Galaxy A33 5G (6/128GB) – ₱16,990
  • Galaxy A33 5G (8/128GB) – ₱17,990
  • Galaxy A33 5G (8/256GB) – ₱18,990
  • Galaxy A53 5G (6/128GB) – ₱21,490
  • Galaxy A53 5G (8/128GB) – ₱22,490
  • Galaxy A53 5G (8/256GB) – ₱24,490
  • Galaxy A73 5G (6/128GB) – ₱26,990
  • Galaxy A73 5G (8/128GB) – ₱27,990
  • Galaxy A73 5G (8/256GB) – ₱29,990
  • These awesome smartphones also come with a FREE Travel Adapter with every purchase until December 31, 2022. In addition, you can also get ₱1,000 off when you buy the Galaxy A53 and A73 5G at any Samsung Authorized Store or online channels from October 1 to November 15, 2022.

    The Galaxy A33, A53, and A73 5G are also available at flexible 0% interest payment plans. You can get it for as low as ₱661 per month for 18 months with a 30% down-payment.

    To know more about the Galaxy A Series, visit www.samsung.com/ph.

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