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Union Officers Oppose Notice Of Strike In CENECO: Internal Disputes Emerge

Union Officers Oppose Notice of Strike In CENECO: Internal Disputes Emerge

In a recent development within the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) Union of Rational Employees (CURE), Vice President Marbie Cabardo expressed her disapproval of the decision made by Union President Felix Gepilga Jr. to file a notice of strike. Cabardo’s primary concern lies in the fact that this significant decision was made unilaterally, without any consultation with the union’s officers.

Cabardo and her fellow union officers were taken aback when they discovered the notice of strike through social media, having received no prior information or involvement in the decision-making process. This lack of communication and consultation has sparked criticism towards Gepilga, with Cabardo accusing him of acting on personal motives and sidelining the other union officers.

In her statement, Cabardo expressed, “Felix Gepilga filed the notice of strike without informing me as the Vice President and our elected officers. He did not convene us or even ask for our input or discuss his decision to file it.”

This incident has stirred up internal conflicts within the union, with Cabardo questioning the legitimacy of the notice filed with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). She strongly believes that such a pivotal decision should have been a collective one, involving the union officers and members.

Cabardo further added, “I was hoping that he would convene us after winning and discuss this, but unfortunately, he did not convene us and did not show respect to us as officers. As the Vice President, I was not recognized, and the existing legitimate officers were not recognized.”

In the wake of this unilateral action, there has been a wave of opposition from union members and officers against the proposed strike. Their concerns center around the potential adverse effects on consumers, a lack of clear understanding of the core issues, and a preference for addressing the underlying problems with the CENECO board through alternative means.

In response to this situation, Cabardo mentioned that they are gearing up for legal actions against Gepilga’s decisions. She stressed the importance of the union’s direction being a reflection of the majority decision of the board, underlining the need for mutual respect and collaborative decision-making.

Cabardo concluded by highlighting the importance of effective communication and consultation within the union officers, stating, “The lack of transparency and consultation surrounding the strike notice has strained these core principles, raising questions about the union’s internal governance and the validity of the planned action.”

This incident underscores the importance of open dialogue, mutual respect, and collective decision-making within unions, reminding us that a unilateral decision can lead to internal conflicts and potential legal implications.

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