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Congressman Francisco Benitez Visits MORE Power’s Modern Facilities

Congressman Francisco Benitez Visits MORE Power's Modern Facilities

House Bill Number 9310 has been introduced by three lawmakers in Congress and is seen as a crucial move that will change the way electricity reaches homes and establishments in Central Negros.

Authored by Negrense Representatives Joseph Stephen Paduano, Juliet Marie De Leon Ferrer, and Francisco Benitez, this bill seeks to grant the Negros Electric and Power Corporation (NEPC) a franchise that could transform electricity distribution in the cities of Bacolod, Silay, Talisay, and Bago, as well as in the Municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto.

Congressman Francisco Benitez Visits MORE Power

Negros Occidental 3rd District Representative Hon. Francisco “Kiko” Benitez is one of the authors of House Bill Number 9310. He visited MORE Power in Iloilo City to inspect the company’s different vital installations and offices. He also toured MORE Power’s modern substations, control center, and customer care department.

In his tour of MORE Power, Congressman Benitez was able to look more closely at how MORE Power operates. The visit allowed him to experience firsthand the complicated web of systems and framework that enables a region.

Congressman Francisco Benitez Visits MORE Power's Modern Facilities

MORE Power is Important in Iloilo’s Success

MORE Power’s role in the everyday lives of thousands of consumers in Iloilo is essential. The company seriously commits to Iloilo’s booming distinction as a flourishing techno hub in the area. That’s why Congressman Benitez was thankful that he was able to see the everyday operations of MORE Power and was given the chance to value the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the company going.

Consumers’ Power Concerns in Negros

Power consumers in Negros has many concerns, among them is the recurring and extended power interruptions, decades-old infrastructure and substations, poor customer service, and high monthly rates.

These reasons motivated consumers to support the proposed Joint Venture Agreement (JVA). The franchise is backed by the approval of most of its consumers during the referendum.

Opposition to the JVA

According to Cong. Benitez, the proposed JVA has its share of opposition. Part of the objection is from CENECO employees who are unsure of the whole process and of the future. Privatization often raises worries, and this uneasiness has been a basis for protests against this proposal.

Answer to Economic Growth

A stable power supply is the answer to Negros’ economic growth. How would you expect the economy to thrive if there are frequent blackouts or unpredictable power outages. Expanding into more BPOs, digital services etc. demands consistent power, says Cong. Benitez.

Congressman Francisco Benitez Visits MORE Power's Modern Facilities

Efficiency and Reliability of MORE Power

Cong. Benitez praises the efficiency and reliability of MORE Power when it comes to power distribution and customer service. The company has proceeded to upgrade and upsize its infrastructure and human resources.

Congress’ Approval

Cong. Benitez hopes for the approval of the bill in the first quarter of 2024. The Joint Venture Agreement, after all, is meant for the consumers in Central Negros, says MORE Power and NEPC President Mr. Roel Castro. They need this bill to be passed because it’s the only solution in sight, keeping in mind all the financial problems and the much-needed renovation of decades-old infrastructure and substations.

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