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MMDC Future-Proofs IT Education In Negros Occidental With New Business-Focused Programs

MMDC Future-Proofs IT Education In Negros Occidental With New Business-Focused Programs

Known as “The Sugar Capital of The Philippines”, Negros Occidental has long blended cosmopolitan and rustic living. However, in recent times, the province has found itself in the midst of a digital transformation.

Its vibrant capital city of Bacolod has developed into a center of excellence for the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry. Younger Negrense generations are seeing the opportunities created by advancements as well. In Bacolod alone, over 7000 learners graduated college. Majority of them finished with degrees in Business or Information Technology .

However, while the robust presence of IT-BPO firms has aided employment rates across Negros Occidental, changes across the industry are happening. Gaps are opening between what companies need out of their employees and the skills professionals currently have . At the same time, technology is becoming smarter with tools such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning impacting work across industries.

With how fast changes are happening, is the pace of IT education keeping up?

Leveled-up degree programs targeting emerging needs

MMDC Future-Proofs IT Education In Negros Occidental With New Business-Focused Programs

L-R: Josh Villanueva, Corporate Communications and Partnerships Manager (MMDC); Noel Torregoza, Head of Instructional Systems Design/Academics (MMDC); Karen Dinsay, HRMO IV and Head (Negros Occidental Scholarship Program Division); Jenny Chua, Vice President for Marketing (MMDC); Raulene Rosarial, Sr. Trainer for Talent Delivery for Bacolod (Concentrix); and Rob Planta, Site Director for Bacolod (Concentrix).

In pursuit of evolving education, Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC), the premier digital-first college in the Philippines with a core focus on the application of Information Technology in business under Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna, has leveled up its IT degree program to provide progressive training in line with the demands of today’s professional landscape. Launched in an event held in Cafe Bob’s, Bacolod, MMDC’s new IT program places learning at-pace with the industry by exposing students to emerging IT-related fields. This helps learners become more knowledgeable and efficient across disciplines – closing skills gaps and strengthening linkage with the local government in support of workforce development.

MMDC’s leveled-up IT program offers a Business-focused track hinged on the strategic application and implementation of technology in business and across sectors. It comprises three areas of specialization: Data Analytics, Marketing Technology, and Entrepreneurship Technology. Learners will get the opportunity to harness data for data organization, marketing execution with various tech stacks, and employ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools for entrepreneurial success.

Beyond business, MMDC also offers a Development-focused IT degree program where learners can specialize in either Software Development and Network and Cybersecurity. These specializations equip learners with the technical expertise to design programs, analyze cutting-edge software solutions, and identify threats against an organization’s cybersecurity measures.

Both tracks are grounded on a unique Projects, Problems, and Cases (PPC) learning model that emphasizes hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and analysis of local and global cases – mirroring the dynamics of modern workplaces.

“As the worlds of Information Technology and business grow more intertwined, professionals must know how to expertly utilize tools to generate ideal business outcomes,” said Engr. Dennis Tablate, Executive Director at Mapúa Malayan Digital College. “Our leveled-up, Business-focused IT program aims to close skills gaps by ensuring learners apply tools and systems to best help launch and build careers in an increasingly complex work landscape.”

A commitment to empowering working students

MMDC Future-Proofs IT Education In Negros Occidental With New Business-Focused Programs

Through a revamped IT program, MMDC progresses along its commitment to empowering all kinds of students, even those who have already found employment. MMDC’s recently relaunched Step Up sa Pangarap movement aims to empower and encourage working students to accomplish their professional and personal goals.

Now in its second year, the movement continues to grow thanks to the efforts of partners across various industries who share the goal of helping working students finish college and get a degree. Partners such as Concentrix offer an exclusive Work and Study program that provides part-time jobs alongside part-time study opportunities. MMDC has also partnered with GCash to offer Study Now, Pay Later options through its GGives installment payment service.

Improving access to quality education is a key driver of MMDC. Through the support of the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental, MMDC offers the Abanse Negrense IT Scholarship to give Negrense learners free MMDC education. This initiative paves the way for accessible, flexible education to support the Provincial Government’s vision for personal development among Negrenses. Additionally, the City of Victorias and the City of Sipalay are extending their support by offering full scholarships to even more students.

Cities across Negros Occidental are rolling out services and solutions in support of Negros Occidental’s advancement towards becoming a ‘smart’ province. As these efforts continue to be introduced throughout the province, Negros Occidental will need a skilled, efficient workforce to help implement the government’s agenda of digitalization. “The Abanse Negrense IT Scholarship reflects our mission to enhance access to quality education. We are glad to work together with MMDC to support community development by giving more Negrenses an opportunity to benefit from state-of-the-art IT education,” said Karen Dinsay, Head, Negros Occidental Scholarship Program Division.

Progressive education for a progressive province

These programs and initiatives are grounded in MMDC’s mission to create a better college experience that acknowledges the needs of today’s students and professionals, as well as the challenges hindering them from a quality college education.

As Negros Occidental continues its development, champions across industries must be brought in to support its transition. Through a commitment to modernizing learning methods, and enhancing access to learning and development opportunities across the field of IT, MMDC aims to transform Negrense learners into nation-builders that exemplify Negros Occidental’s vision of global competitiveness in the fields of IT and beyond.

For more details, visit www.mmdc.mcl.edu.ph.

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